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Secondary options in Staffordshire/Cheshire for a child with ASD

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Picturesinthefirelight Mon 24-Feb-14 11:21:43

Ds is very bright & scores very highly in computer based tests. It is very likely he will be offered a place at Nuls.

However he struggles with writing, especially imaginative. Does not respond well to pressure, homework is a big issue at the moment. It can take an hour- two hours to complete a half hour worksheet.

He is very articulate & loves computers. He thrives in smaller classes but I worry about how he will cope in an academic school. He isn't sporty but is musical.

He doesn't have a formal diagnoses. We're fighting but might not get it through before secondary transfer

We live on the staffs Cheshire border & I work in Stoke. We're very limited in our choice of schools. We're not catholic & he refuses to go to a religious school.

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