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London secondaries that help bilingual children?

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elsatilly Sat 22-Feb-14 13:40:44

Hi everyone,
DD1 is currently at a prep school near to where we live in SW London. She's only in Year 3, so secondaries aren't too pressing an issue at the moment, but have been shocked into looking around for them after the scarynewtigermums mums of the new Yr3 intake who are already pretty much decided about where they want their DDs to go confused.
DH is French, our DDs are bilingual, but have always lived in England. We originally wanted to send them to the Lycée for Secondary, but think this will be near enough impossible looking at the volume of applications! Looking at websites, the only school I can find that mentions mother tongue language support is Queen's Gate who put them in for GCSE/ A Level early and then for DELF/DALF (French language qualification) in the 6th form. Does anyone know of any others? Or have any experience of Queen's Gate? DDs currently go to a Saturday school where they help them along with French reading/writing but that stops in CM2 (Year 6).
DD is quiet, loves ballet, plays the piano (tho music is def not her calling in life!), does very well at school but is not top of her class, and French is a massive part of her identity (she LOVES the Saturday school, reads all the time in French, skypes her cousins in France, etc.)

On top of this I still worry about putting her in a school where she is around a lot of very priviliged children, we are lucky enough to be able to pay for private schools etc., but want to keep her feet firmly on the ground and for her to know she needs to work hard to do well and she won't get it on a plate!

So... London day school with French support (or at least one that looks favourably upon it)... with down to earth girls/boys. Do you think that I could find one??

sstressedofstreatham Sat 22-Feb-14 14:15:36

When we looked round Godolphin and Latymer there were lots of French speakers about. Ditto at the exam. If your dd gets a place they also ask you to choose from French German or Spanish in Yr 7 rather than langue maternelle( everyone does Mandarin)It is also is a or the top IB school currently so in the long term French would be very useful.

elsatilly Sat 22-Feb-14 14:39:25

Thanks for replying sstressed. I liked Godolphin&Latymer's website, and it's fairly near to us too! So all the children do Mandarin in Yr7, then choose another language out of French/German/Spanish to do?
Interested in the IB too!

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