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D day approaching. Royal Alexandra and Albert (RAAS) Reigate or Ewell Castle?

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Headofthehousehold Sat 22-Feb-14 10:12:20

Decision day approaching, DS loves RAAS he really wants to do weekly boarding. He is an outgoing confident child but a bit lazy. Ewell castle would be a day school 45 mins to an hour journey. He would not be able to do as much extra curricular but I think it may be more academic and push him. What would you do? Help me make up my mind

LadyMuck Sat 22-Feb-14 12:47:35

RAAS because of "He would not be able to do as much extra curricular".

Ericaequites Sat 22-Feb-14 13:34:17

RAAS because a long journey is exhausting each day.

Headofthehousehold Sun 23-Feb-14 09:48:09

Thank you. Am really struggling with what to do. I totally gree with your opinion re journey time. At RAAS they are all on one campus and it looks like an active busy school but I have read mixed reviews on here re the school and as much as I want him to be happy he does need to get enough GCSE's to let hom move onto A level or technical college etc. At Ewell they seem very nurturing with a drive to bring out the best in each boy I am not sure that is the case at RAAS. Am hoping any Mums can advise.

LadyStark Sun 23-Feb-14 10:05:38

I live very close to Ewell Castle and it doesn't have a particularly academic reputation locally but definitely a caring and nurturing environment. I know a couple of children who go there and they have additional needs, high functioning autism and dyslexia and it's really great for them.

I don't know much about RAAS though so can't really compare.

toonix Mon 02-Nov-15 20:00:12

I thought I'd leave my opinion on raas as I was grateful for all the opinions when I was looking last year and wanted to keep this thread up to date.

My son started in year 7 this year and loves it, he is happy and content and thriving. He lacks self confidence and can be lazy but he enjoys most of the lessons and is in the top or middle sets and with the option of staying on for prep in the evenings I hope his work ethic will improve , it certainly has cut down on arguments! He has made a few friends and they seem like nice kids, I haven't heard of any particularly naughty or disruptive kids.

We are so impressed with the teachers and staff, although they encourage the kids to be independent they stress kindness and respect and I'm confident if there are any problems they will address these rather than sweep them under the carpet to protect the schools image and ofsted report. Above all they all seem to be extremely positive and actually like the kids they are teaching

My son begs us to let him fullboard which we wouldn't like or be able to afford but it tells me all I need to know about how happy he is there, It's early days yet but so far so good.
This is just my opinion and I don't work for the school so no catty comments please (I rarely post on forums for that reason) hope it helps

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