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Does Winchester allow boys to go home on weekends?

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3boys0girl Wed 19-Feb-14 11:51:36

Looking for weekly boarding, even going home Saturday pm/back Sunday would work. We live in Ldn.

For some reasons I find thie info difficult to find! apart from a=calling every single school...

I am looking for the same kind of info for : Charterhouse, Harrow, Eton, Rugby, if anyone knows!

WorkingItOutAsIGo Wed 19-Feb-14 15:38:14

Rugby is full boarding. Eton they can go home on sat night.

IndridCold Wed 19-Feb-14 16:06:05

If you want weekly boarding forget about Eton. Boys can only go home on Saturday on B weekends, ie those with no Chapel on Sunday morning. There are only one or two of these weekends each term.

They can go out on Sundays after Chapel, but to do this every weekend is definitely not encouraged.

I don't know Winchester, but I believe that they also regard themselves as truly 'full boarding' and dislike boys going home every weekend.

WorkingItOutAsIGo Wed 19-Feb-14 16:53:34

Ah of course you are right it's Sunday lunch Etonians can get home for not sat night.

IndridCold Wed 19-Feb-14 17:11:24

Yes, and even when they can go home on Saturday afternoons at B weekends, they still have to be back on Sunday in time for Chapel at 7pm smile.

dog1dog2 Wed 19-Feb-14 17:14:02

Weekly boarding schools include Bradfield, charterhouse, Wellington, pangbourne......I'm sure there are others but Eton, win coll, harrow, Radley etc are all full boarding.

happygardening Thu 20-Feb-14 08:02:25

It's full boarding at Win Coll and less exeats than many schools. The boys are allowed home after chapel on Sunday but on alternate weekends chapel for those who have to attend the Anglican Service doesn't end I think till at least 11 am it's usually about 11 30 by the time they've got back to house got changed etc. 3/4 of my DS's house and year go home for the day even on the Sunday when chapel finishes later and there are of course excellent train links into London but we're based in the "Shires" so trains are non existent. If your RC I believe you get out at 9 30. They have to be back by 9 PM ish for précis.
We wanted true full boarding and in my experience it's difficult to find in the south east Eton Radley Win Coll Matlborough Kings Canterbury St Edwards Harrow are all full boarding most of the rest aren't. If I was in London with a bright DS I would seriously consider Tonbridge all weekly boarders/day and great train links I really liked it when I looked round.

northlondoncat Fri 21-Feb-14 16:10:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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