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SHHS or Godolphin

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olga6913 Mon 17-Feb-14 00:06:26

Dear all,

I'm new to this forum, but very much hope for your help. My daughter got an offer from SHHS and Godolphin for 11+ entry. And we are a bit stuck with the choice.

My daughter is a smart, easy-going girl. She is fond of sports and she is serioulsy doing music and ballet. She likes both schools a lot, but her school friend has also got an offer from SH, so it's a big arguement in her eyes in favour of SH. Also SH is much closer to where we live (30 min compared to about an hour to Godolphin). I assume academically both schools are very strong and exit options are good after both. Any other factors to consider?

We are not English, maybe anyone can comment on which school is more friendly to international students?

I would really appreciate any opinions or comments as to what to take into account when making the choice. Thank you!

Eastpoint Mon 17-Feb-14 05:31:17

Go to the school which is closer to home especially if she likes sport, music & ballet. She will be less tired & it will be easier for her over the next 7 years. G&L have hockey & netball practice before school, she'd have to be there at 7:35am twice a week and then there are practices & matches after school. The year 7s do a pantomime at the end of the first term & she'll have rehearsals & then the performance. If she takes up rowing when she's in year 9 she'll have to get to Putney very early & on Saturdays.

Godolphin is a really lovely school and has great facilities, I'm not knocking it but the distance will make a difference to your daughter's happiness and you have a great school closer to where you live. I didn't even look at SHHS for my daughters as it is too far away & we'd have to go past G&L to get there.

basildonbond Mon 17-Feb-14 07:07:21

Definitely the school with the easier journey as that will have a huge impact on your daughter's enjoyment of school and ability to keep up with extra-curricular activities outside school

All the schools in London will have plenty of experience with international pupils

saganoren Mon 17-Feb-14 10:23:29

100 per cent agree, go for the school with the easier journey, have many friends who went to shhs, they all loved it, many send their own dds there,

tess73 Mon 17-Feb-14 16:56:38

An hour to school? That's 2 hours/day, 10 hours/week before you factor in delays! Definitely go for the nearer school!

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