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Yr 10 gcse science

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Jayne131 Fri 14-Feb-14 08:16:21

My DS was due to do the year 10 core science gcse in June (he's in year 10) tracking report he brought home at Christmas has predicted grade as B and that he was on track. Last night he causaully announced his group have been pulled from the exam this year and will do in year 11 as they don't feel there ready. I'm confused does this mean they will have two science exams now in year 11. School is closed today and next week for 1/2 term. Had anyone else had this?

creamteas Fri 14-Feb-14 09:42:25

On this information, it could mean that they will do both Core and Additional Science next year. Or it could mean, that they are only know doing Core science.

It is probably the former rather than the latter, as the change has probably been made because Gove changed the rules and resits don't count for league tables anymore.

In previous years, if a D was achieved in year 10, the year 11 resit would count in league tables. But Core alone doesn't count anyway, so if just doing one science GCSE, they may as well try in year 10.

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