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Advice appreciated - new to secondary schooling WWYD

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AndiPandi Tue 11-Feb-14 20:13:18

DD is in first year at a scottish secondary school and has just been told that she needs to 'consolidate' level 2 rather than work at level 3. My understanding of this is that she will then not be able to sit her Nat 5 until S5 at the earliest so she is effectively being kept back a year already at S1. DD's maths teacher says she performs very well in class and homework but falls apart in assessments. Head of maths has told me her assessment results put her near the top of the set she's in but there are a couple of pupils with slightly higher averages (but remember DD falls apart in assessments so is actually much more capable than her marks indicate). DD has a maths tutor who says she is very capable of working at level 3, has a strong grasp of the concepts & the basics but very low confidence and feels it is more of an emotional issue affecting her test results.
I feel the school's decision is wrong, the head of maths does not even know who DD is. For a number of reasons I feel DD will do far better working at level 3 and her tutor fully agrees with me. DD is also very keen to work at level 3 and willing to do whatever it takes to do so.
Does anyone have any experience of tackling schools on issues like this? What are my chances of getting them to move her?
My worry is that if she is left on L2 for too long it will be too late for her to catch up, so a wrong decision now seems to be irreversible and impacts the rest of her school life, putting her a year behind her peers. She is also very demotivated by being in the bottom group and I honestly don't think it's the right place for her.
Any advice appreciated.

S4Worries Tue 11-Feb-14 23:35:09

I would go back and tell them what you have written here.

Good Luck!

inthename Wed 12-Feb-14 08:55:57

Similar situation here, same age ds but not in scottish system. I've found that you have to stay factual, ask the teacher whether your dd will cover the work needed etc. Teachers don't want to know about moving them back up unless the test scores support what you are saying, so get the tutor to concentrate on exam/test technique. Then, ask the teachers to review their decision regularly. My ds position in the bottom group is being reviewed every 2-4 weeks. Expect to bw fobbed off by talk of lack of focus in lessons etc but keep reviewing. In the mean time with the assistance on technique in tests, her ability should begin to show.

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