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Sydneham Girls High School Junior and transfer at 11+

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Mill46 Fri 07-Feb-14 06:50:51

Any advice, am considering a place for DD at Sydenham. Want to know any views re the senior school vs other local private and if any one has experience of transfering out at 11+ or taking 11+ at the school to get into another . Also whats the story about the tempory head mistress . Should I be concerned that they cant appoint anyone ??

Mill46 Sun 14-Feb-16 10:23:39

So since I've started excercising and eating healthy and no booze I've gained 1.5 kg . Advice please - I'm gona be fat and 50 before I know it . Current bmi 24.4 was 23 10 years ago - can't get it off despite this being the main focus of my head . Is it just I'd be alot fatter if i didn't focus on it - God forbid

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