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Year 10 Catering GCSE

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sublimecorpse Thu 06-Feb-14 18:25:41

Dd is doing this at the moment. She isn't enjoying it - and neither am I.

Never thought I'd ever hear her say that she wished she'd taken resistant bloody materials!

The teacher is shit, the facilities are shit and she has made 1 edible item since September.

It's costing me a fortune in ingredients. Today she came home with chocolate cookies. She's made lovely ones at home many times. These bastards could be used as doorstops.

Her class was directly before lunch. She got them in the oven on time and by the end of the class they weren't quite done. She asked to be allowed to stay behind for 5 minutes after the bell went for lunch and the teacher said no, the technician will get them out.

Technician fucked up and three of the girls bakes were burnt to a cinder.

WIBU to complain?

MillyMollyMama Fri 07-Feb-14 00:04:10

If this is her 10th GCSE, go down to 9 and drop it. It is probably not going to affect the rest of her life!

Jayne131 Fri 14-Feb-14 18:34:31

Just read you post after crap week and I can honesty say it made me laugh out loud in the train home.

On serious note yes I think you should complain the teacher should be pleased your DS wanted to stay behind to finish. At the very least the school need to be made aware your not happy otherwise they may not be aware there is an issue with this teacher.

Madlizzy Fri 14-Feb-14 18:44:08

make an appointment to see the year head and the progress manager. It's too important to leave. My boys are doing the same GCSE and are making some fantastic dishes.

Leeds2 Fri 14-Feb-14 19:17:37

I would ask for a meeting with the Head of Year too. It really doesn't sound good enough, but the school won't be aware of the problem unless parents tell them.

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