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How many offers do Alleyns, St Dunstans and Colfes make?

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anbar Sat 01-Feb-14 11:14:29

Hi Everyone,

First time parent aiming to send our DS to an independent school, so would appreciate any advice on this topic.

So far DS has performed well enough to get through to the interview round of selection for (in no particular order)

1. St Dunstans (interviewed last week)
2. Alleyns (interviewed last Saturday)
3. Colfes (interviewed last week)

Does anyone have any ideas on?

1. How many students applied for each of the above schools?
2. Of those who applied how many are selected for the interview rounds?
3. Of those interviewed how many are made offers?

Thanks in advance everyone, the wait in absolutely excruciating sad

MrsWobble Sun 02-Feb-14 13:51:15

My experience is a little out of date but if your son did well enough to get an interview at alleyns I would be astonished if he didn't get offers from both st dunstans and colfes.

anbar Sun 02-Feb-14 15:12:51

Thanks MrsWobble, he was interviewed for a bursary place for all three of the schools. So really don't know what the outcomes will be, so any advice on what to look for in bursary offers would be much appreciated.

Matlow Sun 02-Feb-14 20:49:18

My ds had interview at St D's last week too so I'm also interested in interview to offer ratio.Anbar, If your ds was offered all three which does he like the most and which would you choose?

anbar Sun 02-Feb-14 21:20:03

Hi Matlow, the choice is his entirely, and too put things straight it would be wonderful to have a choice at all, as from what i have read it's never that straight forward. We know he has a favorite, but he's keeping it to himself, but we have a strong idea of what it is. So far this is how we have summed it up - in no particular order....

1. Alleyns: Our DS is an arty child that has a flare for drama and music, so he's been the most impressed by the drama, music department at Alleyns and loves the extra-curricular clubs on offer.

2. Colfes: My DH's family has strong ties with the school as most of my DH's younger family members went there. Plus its sports facilities as my ds says refers to "is off the hook!!!"

3. St Dunstans: Both my DH and I loved St Dunstans, in particular this was my favorite, as the teachers came across as the most caring of the bunch we met, plus I have a really good maternal feeling about the school.

It would be lovely to have the choice, but its a decision that the little man would have to make if he is granted that luxury.

BTW, how did you find the interview at St D's? Plus what other schools did you apply to?

Matlow Sun 02-Feb-14 22:33:03

We registered with Alleyns, Dulwich College and St dunstans. But our first choice and really only choice was always St Dunstans. After some consideration we decided not to take Alleyns forward and ds didn't sit the exam. We really love St Dunstans too and are very keen for ds to go to co-ed school as we have a younger daughter but Ds did sit Dulwich college exam. We only started prepping for the exams in November so we didnt have realistic expectations of Ds being selected for interview at Dulwich college but we saw it as excellent practice/mock.
My ds really enjoyed the interview at St Dunstans despite stating that David Cameron was a communist ( he did correct himself after everyone stopped laughing) He thinks he did well but I didn't ask too much about it as I would just worry. I went in on my own for parental interview and I thought it was very relaxed and positive but you just can't tell can you?
The wait is really hard but We are almost there. Good luck!

verybadhairdoo Sun 02-Feb-14 22:56:08

Both my sons are at St. Dunstans. We did apply to Alleyns but no luck there. I cant really comment on colfes as I have no experience. I cant comment on the other schools, however I can say that in my experience, St.Dunstans is fantastic. The pastoral care is outstanding, the children are challenged and have great opportunities but without the competition I imagine you may get at Alleyns. St Dunstans is a really caring school. Fantastic. All in all I don't think you can go wrong at any of your chosen schools though.

anbar Mon 03-Feb-14 13:56:45

Thanks Matlow and Verybadhairdo, for you comments and well wishes, it really helps! smile

Matlow: Dulwich College is amazing, did he get an interview? If so kudos to him, if not its there loss.. We only went for co-ed as we also have an 8 year old daughter and thinking about the future in hand would like both of them to go to the same school. LOL, about David Cameron being a Communist.. I really hope that he does well and gets an offer.

We are slightly anxious about one of our DS’s answers, when asked what his least favourite subject was he said RE, shock really don’t know how they would interpret that. confused

Verybadhairdo: Thanks for the advice and both my DH and I get that same feeling about St D’s teachers, they are such a lovely bunch. We would love to have the choice and would leave it to our DS to decide, plus it does not help as a family we are divided. It would be a lovely quandary to be in if all 3 said yes!!!

On a separate note, do the schools post their decisions on the 13th, meaning that we should get the letters on either Friday 14th or Saturday 15th? Or do they post it so that we get it by Thursday 13th of Feb?…

verybadhairdoo Mon 03-Feb-14 21:55:52

cant recall on the decision dates, think they'd post it on the 13th if that's the decision date. Be nice to get all 3 and you can have a choice, best of luck x

Matlow Tue 04-Feb-14 11:27:35

My DS didn't get an interview at Dulwich which was expected and probably for the best. We want his sister to attend the same school ideally and if he had been offered a place at DC we would have been tempted as it is, as you say, an amazing school. That said our DS wasn't that keen so great as it is was not the right school for him. I'm not sure he took it seriously as it was sold to him very much as a practice run for St D's.
My understanding is that letters are sent out on Thursday 13th first class with the expectation they should hit your mat on the 14th. We both have to work that say so will have to wait till we get home......more agony!

StDParent Sat 08-Feb-14 06:55:45

Go to St Dunstans - Our daughter is in Year 7 and it could not be more rewarding

Matlow Wed 19-Feb-14 22:06:56

If you are still around just wondering which school your DS chose?

susiejohnson1 Wed 05-Mar-14 00:46:05

Does anyone have opinions on Alleyn's in general in terms of the oxbridge placements?

anbar Wed 05-Mar-14 22:52:17

Hi Matlow, Our DS choose St. Dunstans and he is looking forward to starting there in September 2014, what about your DS?

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