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English Baccalaureate?

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crispycronut Thu 30-Jan-14 09:42:19

DD is currently choosing her options so we've been sent a letter home offering the choice of the Baccalaureate and states that she has to do 5 GCSEs from set choices to qualify for entry and then get A*-C grades.

Getting the grades will be a bit of a struggle but she is on target for Bs and Cs.

The downside appears to be that she has to do French or German which she is very against.

Will the exams still contain coursework or will it be exam based at the end of the 2 years?

I've done some googling but most of it seems to be ripping into all of Goves changes rather than practical advice for parents. The school have sent limited info but seem very keen.

Will the Baccalaureate be seen as a good thing by employers or is this a faddy thing that will die a death with a new Government.

I don't want DD put under any excessive pressure if its not worth it.

I should add she's not naturally academic and if she was I would be all for it.

senua Sat 01-Feb-14 19:41:22

It's not really fair to judge schools in retrospect either, though that's what happened!

It was interesting, though, wasn't it. The ones that were playing League Tables games instead of actually educating their pupils really did get shown up. No sympathy for them.

clary Sat 01-Feb-14 19:54:03

Yes I agree of course, a range of subjects is crucial, it shouldn't be about getting everyone 5 Cs. (although that is still true) There is a secondary local to me that admitted on its website (this is about 3 years ago) that no students studied MFL at KS4 shock

A friend works there (she doesn't teach MFL) but I couldn't possibly.

I imagine that statistic has changed now, and to be fair the school is in a deprived area which often, sadly, goes hand in hand with a general lack of interest in/understanding of why one would study MFL anyway. IME.

ravenAK Sat 01-Feb-14 20:09:11

It depends if she's likely to get a C or above, really. I'd see that as a fairly basic level of MFL that most school leavers could quite do with having, so recommend she does continue with a language.

No point at all swapping a good grade in something you like for a D or lower, though.

That's the pragmatic response I give my year 9 trustees, but you know your daughter best! & yes, as everyone else has said, don't be browbeaten over some spurious league table nonsense. That isn't your problem or your daughter's to worry about; let the school fret about it.

ravenAK Sat 01-Feb-14 20:11:02

Tutees! I don't have trustees! grin

crispycronut Sat 01-Feb-14 20:26:07

I thought you worked at a very posh school with all those trustees raven wink

ravenAK Sat 01-Feb-14 20:49:50

Heh. Or a prison? Oh no, that's trustys, isn't it? Trusties? FYAC, anyway!

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