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RGS Newcastle 2014

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YoureInMySystemBaby Mon 27-Jan-14 11:36:38

Is there anybody whose child has recently sat the 11+ January 2014?

Anybody whose child currently attends RGS Newcastle and has already gone through the selection process?

My son recently sat the 11+ (18th January) and we received a letter the following Saturday (25th January) inviting him to an interview..

What should we expect from the interview?

I do not intend to coach my son, as with the exams (we did 10 hours of revision, 1 hour per evening, in the run up to the exams), we endeavour to secure a place based on his own merit and because he is deserving of it, but I would like to give him some guidance so that he can think of his own answers to the sort of questions he may be asked, so he doesn't get caught out or feel put on the spot/freezes... My aim is to give him confidence in himself, not to give him a script..

I'm not sure how to take the offer of an interview? The school website states that interviews are offered for one of two reasons (i) quality control of its examination papers, to make sure children were given sufficient opportunity to show what they are capable of (ii) because they were borderline in the written exams with regard to meeting the schools entry requirements. It goes on to state, not to give any significance to not being invited to an interview.

Am I wrong to be inclined to believe (hope) that an interview is a positive sign? If a school is highly selective, logically, it would make sense that they would like to meet a child before offering a position, even if they scored the highest mark out of all the entrants.. For example, it's not very often you'd be offered a job, based on your CV and your qualifications alone (unless you were already known within a particular field and your reputation preceded you)?

I'm definitely more anxious than my son, though I'm keeping it well hidden. My son is taking it all in his stride, a come-what-may attitude - which I am thankful for, as I would hate to think he found the process particularly stressful and/or was negatively affected by the whole thing...

The wait it torture!

Would be great if there were any other anxious mums experiencing the eternal wait - solidarity would be appreciated.

Alternatively, experienced mums who have already gone through this, your words of wisdom would be equally appreciated!

YoureInMySystemBaby Mon 27-Jan-14 18:30:26


greenisthecolour Fri 28-Mar-14 13:33:13

Hello sorry to hear the process was so stressful. I am hoping my son will do the exam next year. Any hints? Did your son get a place following the interview?

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