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The Cedars School, Croydon

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schoolsdontyerlovethem Tue 17-Dec-13 20:05:23

Just wondering how parents at the newly opened Cedars School are finding it? Particularly interested in how they are finding the quality of teaching, range of subjects/extra curriculum activities?

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Ladymuck Wed 18-Dec-13 08:07:17

Not a parent there but am local, and have been impresssed that they got onto the boys fixtures circuit so quickly.

schoolsdontyerlovethem Wed 01-Jan-14 21:56:29

Yes they have been holding their own with local boys schools!I heard they had been "borrowing" boys from other schools (Trinity?) to make the numbers up. That doesn't concern me though - means the boys are getting good opportunities to play against their peers from other schools. Am going to the next open day but just wondered if anyone had any personal experience or "grapevine" knowledge they could share? Also heard they have very respected head teacher from local area....?

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10Children Sat 01-Feb-14 14:54:54

Hi, I'm new to Mumsnet. I'm a parent at The Cedars. Our boy loves it and is very happy there. He's our 10th child and this is our 7th secondary school. It may not have all the facilities and numbers that others have but it has something much more - we are really valued and listened to as parents and the school helps us and helps our son in his development as a person, and not just academically or in sports. We also have a son at Trinity. We have had a son go to Whitgift, 2 to John Fisher, one to the Oratory and the girls have all gone to Coloma. The Cedars is what we have been waiting for. Just to correct the comment above: all the fixtures played have been purely with Cedars boys, we haven't 'borrowed' any from anywhere. That wouldn't be right or fair. I was at every rugby match bar one last term and really proud of how they played, winning 8 out of their 11 matches (I think). Let's hope the football this term is successful too!!! The Headmaster came from Wallington and is indeed very well respected. Do go to the next open day.

WalkingThePlank Mon 03-Feb-14 16:04:11

That's really interesting 10Children. Do you feel that the school has a particular niche?

Am also trying to work out how you manage your school run. I find it hard enough with two children.

10Children Mon 03-Feb-14 16:29:50

Hahaha! Only 3 left at school now and those 3 at secondary school and I only ever did school runs for primary school so not so bad. Independence!

The school does have a particular niche - it offers character development and a personal tutorial system which really supports the boys as they grow up. No frenetic parent/teacher meetings at The Cedars: each term (not once a year!) we get to meet with our son's tutor for as long as we like/need to talk about him - his academics, his friendships, his character - and set targets for how we will support his growth at home, and the tutor in school. The tutor meets with him individually once every 2 weeks so really gets to know him very well. All the teachers feed in to the tutor so we have one point of contact. It's a joy! I have got so tired, in the other schools, of rushing round an overcrowded school hall, trying to see teachers for 3-5 minutes and being told what they're studying, which I could read in the curriculum anyway. No one is able to suggest how the child should overcome certain faults just point out they have them and need to try harder. It can only ever be superficial at this level of contact. This is not how it is at The Cedars. I'm so looking forward to our son having the same tutor walk with him all the way through secondary school.

You could read more about it on the website

WorkingMother123 Thu 11-Sep-14 20:57:58

Amazing school - would recommend.

Tess1999 Tue 09-Feb-16 23:44:34

I am thinking to move my son at the Cedars. Any comments please ?
Do the boys feel free vs Opus Dei ?

Tess1999 Fri 12-Feb-16 13:01:58

I am considering moving my son to the Cedars. Is your son happy ?
How many years has he been for ?
Thank you for your help
Best wishes

blaze2blossom Fri 12-Feb-16 20:16:20

My son has been at the cedars for 3 years now, it's an amazing school, he is very happy in the school, the boys are free when it comes to religion and opus Dei, i know some of our parents who are not Roman Catholic, and their sons are very happy at the cedars.

Dawnie101 Fri 12-Feb-16 20:38:20

Hi Tesse,
I am a very proud Cedars mum, I have two boys currently at the school, year 8 and 10, my year 10 son has been there since the school opened in 2013, they are both very happy, the support they get from the school is amazing, they are both doing very well thanks to the quality teaching,
The headmaster is extremely approachable and always has time to listen to parents and boys.
The personal tutorial system that the boys recieve every two weeks on a one to one basis with the teacher is second to none! So the teacher are able to understand the childs needs, If there is a problem, I have never ever had to wait a long time for an appointment to see a teacher, they are always available to discuss any issues! ( Oh and always with a smile!!! )
My family is not in Opus Dei and my boys are not treated any differently, they are not forced to go to mass, bearing in mind we are open to any denomination, In fact my boys actually choose to go to mass on their own accord,
Well Tesse I do hope you come to one of our open days, where you would be warmly welcomed and see for your self just like I did three years ago and I have never looked back!!
Imagine your child waking every morning wanting to go to school and learn! how joyful that is!

From a very happy Cedars mum!😄

DMama2 Fri 12-Feb-16 20:58:39

Had to reregister, as can't access my old login.

My son is in his second year at The Cedars and he absolutely loves it there, as do his dad and I.

The boys are afforded more freedom at The Cedars than at any school I've experienced. The boys are encouraged to exercise their freedom of choice to make decisions in their daily lives that are right for them, the kind of choices that you'd want them to make when there's no one looking.

While I'm not Catholic, the school's ethos is very much in line with that of my family. In my son's words: "instead of focusing purely on the grades, they focus on building moral habits as foundations for developing our character to grow into great human beings".

I'm not sure what you've heard about Opus Dei, however, we haven't experienced Opus Dei vs freedom at the school - the boys choose whether they go to mass or have reading time and that truly is their choice. My son attends mass half the time.

Hope this helps.

chancarol Fri 12-Feb-16 23:07:13

Hi Tesse ,

My son is in his 3rd year now. I am one of the proud parents to say that my son was there from the beginning of The Cedars School.We were part of it from the process of launching this school. We feel that this was one of the best decisions we made to educate our son for his secondary education.

The teachers are always approachable and welcoming.They have been encouraging our son in all avenues .
The schools ethos morally helps to build my sons character in faith as well as discipline.
We are catholics and encourage our son to grow up in faith and participate in mass.However the school by no means forces the children to attend mass and given them the option.

As a parent I can assure you that you and your son will be warmly welcomed by this school and will meet your needs.
Good luck smile

Margaret10 Sat 13-Feb-16 14:25:09

I am also considering sending my son to Cedars in September and would like to know more about class sizes and whether the boys are pushed academically as well as spiritually. Slightly worried as new school hence no previous exam results to compare.

DMama2 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:25:12

Hi Margaret10

Not sure how many boys in year 7, however, there are 18 boys in my son's class.

Our head has brought on board highly qualified dynamic specialist teachers. The boys are regularly tested to ensure they are progressing and being challenged, which identifies whether intervention is required.

Boys are set individual targets and are developed and challenged. The tutorials also serve to help the boys overcome any issues they are facing at home and/or at school, which benefits their learning.

Margaret10 Sat 13-Feb-16 23:51:12

Thank you Dmama2, you have certainly reassured me.

DMama2 Sun 14-Feb-16 09:28:47

You're welcome Margaret10. What I omitted was that the teachers actually care about the boys wellbeing and progress. They want to see the boys succeed. As I'm sure you know, not every boy is academic and the school helps to identify their strengths, enabling them to develop those further.

My son says he likes that his school is a small community and he knows everyone.

Hope this helps.

V12Oracle Sun 14-Feb-16 12:35:52

I am an ex-parent of Royal Russell School and a current parent of The Cedars School.

If you have any question regarding either school I will answer honestly
and factually.

Margaret10 Sun 14-Feb-16 13:19:15

Can I ask why you chose Cedars over Royal Russell ? My ds has been offered a place at Cedars and Trinity so I am unsure whether I choose a school that is well established over a school that is still in its early development. I really like the heads at both schools.

Lavienrose Sun 14-Feb-16 15:26:25

Hi Tess
I am a parent of a Yr 9 boy who has been attending The Cedars since it first opened. He is very happy there. I am not an Opus Dei member, but a Catholic, married to a non-Christian. My husband and I are delighted with the school, the wonderful teachers and the very high standards of academia and discipline. But perhaps more importantly with their unfaltering character nurturing ethos, and the high levels of the personal parent - teacher communications facilitated by the tutoring sessions which monitors his emotional well being and personal development. Furthermore, the school's philosophy fitted very well with our own thoughts of what we considered were important for our son's long term development.
In answer to your concerns regarding freedom vs Opus Dei, I can confidently tell you that your child's freedom will not be hindered. For instance when Mass is offered, boys are given the choice to attend or participate in private reading. I myself have not imposed upon my son to attend Mass, but when he does, I know it is off his own accord. His decision making and sense of judgment I consider to be an important part of his character development and am pleased that his spiritual growth is allowed to flourish naturally.
Recently we heard some distressing news about the health of one of the teachers. The following day my son told me that he went to the School Oratory to pray for his teacher. On his own. During his break time. Without being prompted. Made my day!!!

Hope this has been of some help.

All the best Tess🙂

gooseberryroolz Sun 14-Feb-16 15:32:28

Can somebody please explain the Opus Dei connection for us bystanders? (I don't really want to google anything containing 'Opus Dei' as search terms.)

An Opus Dei sponsored free school in Croydon? Is that it?

V12Oracle Sun 14-Feb-16 16:03:51



I have no personal knowledge of Trinity. From parents who children do attend, I am told it is a first class school and a delightful headmaster.

If your two choices are Trinity or Cedars then you will not make a mistake either way. You have chosen very wisely.

To answer your question, you cannot compare The Cedars with any other school in the area. It is a one-off.

If you are looking for a school where little Jimmy is dropped off at 8 and you can pick him up at 6. The Cedars is not for you. If you are looking for Olympic size swimming pool and flamingos adorning the grounds. The Cedars is not for you. If you are looking for an average education with average results. The Cedars is not for you. If you are too busy for your own child and expect the school to deal with him. The Cedars is not for you.

However, if you are looking for an outstanding first class headmaster and staff, education which is second to none, hands on bespoke teaching, small
classes combined with that intimate Prep school feel to it (which is lost
at every senior school that I know of) then The Cedars is for you.
It feels wholesome, warm and friendly A home from home. All that is missing is Bing Crosby singing a Christmas carol. It is one big happy family.

As for Royal Russell. My mummy told me not to say wicked things behind people's back. Next question?

Margaret10 Sun 14-Feb-16 16:44:55

Your mum is absolutely right. I have decided to accept the offer from Cedars. Looking forward to meeting all you fellow parents.

V12Oracle Sun 14-Feb-16 20:42:14


You have chosen wisely. Your son will have the happiest days of his life and will
turn out to be an exemplary young man with a moral compass to match. He will receive a first class education which will open many doors for him in the future.
Welcome to the family!

2MCE Sun 14-Feb-16 21:00:56

Hello everyone,
I am a parent of The Cedars school. My son is in year 10 and joined from its very creation. I cannot stress how refreshing the school is. There is absolutely nothing to compare it with. My son is so happy there and has grown into a fine young man. As other parents have said, it is a family of like minded parents, pupils and teaching staff who all share a common ethos.

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