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IB choices - help!

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MrsSchadenfreude Sat 07-Dec-13 17:12:29

DD1 will shortly be making her IB choices. She has to do three subjects at higher level and three at lower level, but can't decide what she wants to do! She is good at: English, History, French (lived in France for 4 years and not far off bilingual orally), Art, Drama, Biology and Chemistry. She is less good at: Maths and Physics. She wants to do Maths at lower level (possibly Maths Studies) and Chemistry or Biology (she has to do one science).

She hates French with a passion (she has to do a language) and wants to drop it and do Japanese, German or Spanish, but I think she should continue with her French as it would effectively be a waste of four years if she drops it and gets no qualification. So my view is that she should do this at higher level (she disagrees), along with English and History, but she wants to do art and/or drama at higher level, so this would leave her with English, History and Art at higher level and Maths, Chemistry and French at lower (I think she will just have to continue drama as a hobby). Is this an OK combination? Or should she have French (as it's more academic) as a higher level subject? The problem with her French is that she speaks very fluently but doesn't write that well and has little clue about grammar niceties (her teacher is focusing on this, which is why she hates French now!).

adoptmama Fri 13-Dec-13 04:47:09

I would also step back a little from it and actually not give her too many choices (e.g. AP etc). At the end of the day, the school will ensure she makes her option choices and, as you say, whether or not she hates her langugae choice will be immaterial, as she will have to make one. 15 can be a bolshie age at the best of times and she has been thru a lot of changes; you could just end up at loggerheads with no gain for either of you. Sometimes these things are best left to the school as there will be a lot less emotion from both your DD and the staff over her choices and generally, they are more likely to listen to advice from the teachers than their parents at this age ;)

IB does not disadvantage pupils hoping for for Russell Group university entrance. Every year the school I work in successfully sends its graduating class off to top RG unis and courses like Medicine. We have ex-pupils at both Cambridge and Oxford. Ex-pupils also tells us they feel they transition better to uni and cope with the demands better because of the experience of the EE, and the diploma as a whole. IB is demanding - but education at this age should be. Learning you need to work at things you don't like is a good thing to learn as well, and will benefit her in higher education and her work life in the future. Better to learn than than to learn to look for ways to avoid difficult things and things you don't like. smile

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 13-Dec-13 19:24:04

Summerends - that is a brilliant suggestion, thank you! She has time on her side as she is only in 9th grade (the rest of the class are 10th and 11th grade).

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