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Humm How do I word e-mail/letter re.. lateness detention ...but they have not followed their rules and guidelines ??

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bizzey Wed 27-Nov-13 20:27:19

I will (try) and bullet point things to make it easier to read ...

DS yr8 has had some late's...2 in 1 week

Reason ...LONDON buses cancelled /changed bus stops while doing other things (roadworks and stuff and changing lights to be timed and things)

I went to the bus stop big signs to say xx BUS does not stop here any more lovely dozey boy stayed ages wondering why buses were not stopping !!

He has had a detention letter ...fair enough...but in his planner it says he should have had a referal or something to see his HOL at 8 o/c next morning which he never got or was told about .

It he had he WOULD have been in....

We have had llot of problembs while they are doing these road works and he is leaving earlier every day to no availl s 8.30 .....he leaves at 7.15 for a 40 min journey ?

Am I going to sound a "wuus"/ "stupid mummy"....

I just want to know why he did not get the early morning referal....or did he ??....I know that could be a question...but ds wants me to querry it so I don't think he has anything to hide f

CaroBeaner Wed 27-Nov-13 20:34:00

Write this in his planner, or email the HOY.

CaroBeaner Wed 27-Nov-13 20:41:15

Oh, sorry, you wanted specifics. I'm not sure what the point of the referal is, so can't be specific but what about:

"I understand that DS has been given a detention as he has been late this week. Of course we accept that he has been late - there is difficulty at the moment because his normal buses have been disrupted by the major road re-workings at XXX junction.

I understand that he should have had a referral letter or note in his planner for a referral to meet XXX HOY at 8 am the next morning, but unfortunately neither he nor I have seen this. This is why he did not attend the referral meeting. Could you please check that notice of this meeting was issued, and if so through what channel so that I do not miss it again?

Many thanks..."

bizzey Thu 28-Nov-13 07:35:52

Thanks CaroBeaner....That is what I wanted....much better than my waffle !!!

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