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Bromsgrove School or Malvern College

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backinbritain Wed 27-Nov-13 10:50:35


My son loves all sport - especially cricket - and we are deliberating between (Day boy) Malvern College and Bromsgrove for him. Visited both. Loved both. Not concerned about day/boarding mix as have good feel for that dynamic. Both got good reviews in GSG. One obviously prettier setting! But very different feel to both. Does anyone have experiences to share? More particulary interested in how you feel about Bromsgrove. Thank you!

Dancingdreamer Wed 27-Nov-13 23:08:57

Can't really add a lot but wanted to help bump up post. I know a few people with DCs at Bromsgrove. Very happy with pastoral care. Like the other kids. Whilst not overly academic, don't just take anyone. Friend was desperate for place for her DC but he was rejected for not reaching academic standard. Heard mixed reports about quality of teaching.

Very welcoming to international students. Think they have strong links with Hong Kong. However, lots of day pupils so don't think they feel left out as might do in some boarding schools.

What did you think of Malvern as my DD is considering for 6th form?

backinbritain Thu 28-Nov-13 10:07:44

Malvern is a lovely school. Although mixed, it is very definately a boarding school with the day kids fully integrated - share houses etc. I like the house dining system as it makes it more homely. They are quite strict but are also flexible. Good split between IB and A levels, and good subject choices. The standard of Art and Drama is fantastic. And breathtakingly beautiful setting.

Dancingdreamer Fri 29-Nov-13 00:13:40

Backinbritain do you have DCs at Malvern? If so woukd be interested to know more about your experiences.

cjsevern Mon 27-Jan-14 13:51:50

Bromsgrove is best in area for sport. Malvern has a lot (more than they let on) of foreign students, mainly German and Russian, especially in the sixth form where the students will tell you they make up 50% and they come specifically for IB. They seriously bump up the sixth form results. GCSE's less impressive and alot of the English pupils are day. I have heard complaints of boarding girls left with virtually no friends at weekends. It is in a much nicer setting however and if you are going to be a day pupil the choice would probably be on convenience unless the sport is a major consideration which would swing it for Bromsgrove.

ohnoherewego Tue 28-Jan-14 19:58:50

I have DC at Bromsgrove; it's definitely no issue being a day pupil. The academic side has vastly improved but it's reputation academically has not increased in line. Both my DC have always enjoyed the lessons and the quality of the teaching seems generally excellent. It's great for sporty boys. Where it really fails is it's complete lack of recognition for non-sporty girls despite the school's protestations otherwise. (Are you reading this Mr Edwards?). Although there is excellent provision for the arts, IME DC who contribute to the arts are not given as much encouragement or recognition as DC who can run or throw a ball. The pastoral care for girls is also woeful.
A new head is joining in September so who knows how things will change.

Annijeff Thu 09-Mar-17 22:21:56

Hello ladies/gents, I recently saw your post - no idea if you still look on here. Anyway, we are in the same situation choosing the right school for our sporty son. Bromsgrove v Malvern - currently Bromsgrove our favourite but Prep school favouring Malvern ?? Any thoughts - which did you go for? Pros / Cons or just a general chat would be most insightful. Many thanks,

Watchingblueplanet Wed 06-Dec-17 16:08:44

I am also interested in any views of Bromsgrove (but as a day pupil) please.

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