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Whitgift School 10+ - first hand experiences appreciated

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Sam9 Sat 16-Nov-13 10:26:49

Hi all,

My first post on MN, so forgive any naivety!

We are considering applying for a Year 6 place at Whitgift for September 2014 entry for our son. Yes, I know the deadline is a few weeks' away smile

Does anyone have first hand experiences - good or bad - of the school? We visited on Open Evening and were very impressed.

I am particularly interested in its pastoral care.

Many thanks for any replies.

IngeniousPursuits Sat 16-Nov-13 14:33:53

Ds started in the Lower First this September. So far, so good smile.

Having come from a state primary, he has certainly found that a lot more is expected of him at Whitgift, both in terms of academic achievement and commitment to school activities. It's definitely a school that expects the boys to throw themselves into all aspects of school life; it's quite full-on. He is sometimes really tired, especially because he's still pursuing some out-of-school hobbies, and we have had the odd grumble about homework etc as there is a lot more than he is used to, but...he LOVES school, is proud to be there, and has settled in really well, making lots of friends etc. He comes home full of stories about what happened that day, and I am amazed at some of the stuff he is learning (especially compared to primary).

Pastoral care; no concerns so far! I get the impression that the staff work really hard to bring the boys together, and they seem to get to know them really well. Everything I had heard before he went about the Lower First being quite a 'nuturing' year has been borne out. The Lake Garda trip, for example, is a fantastic opportunity for the boys to bond and get to know each other. On the one occasion when I needed to contact a teacher I got a reply by 6am the next morning.

It is certainly impressive when you look around on an open day - try to see past the prefects and the peacocks though - it's a school that has a very good grasp of PR! No school is perfect but so far it has lived up to, and in some cases exceeded, expectations.

Sam9 Sat 16-Nov-13 22:24:11

Many thanks Ingenious - that's good to hear. Thank you for your reply.

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