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Cranbrook School

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AbiRoad Mon 11-Nov-13 11:19:28

thanks., what is the proportion day to boarder?

CowsGoMoo Mon 11-Nov-13 10:03:20

Hi, I dont know much about the phasing in of the 11+ but know about the 13+ as my dc's school is a feeder prep into it.
A lot of the children in the school have either been to the local prep schools which prepares them for the 13+ such as St. Ronans, Marlborough House, Vinehall, Claremont. Or they have done 2 years at the local senior doing extra private tuition after school to be able to compete at 13+ exams.
It is highly competitive to get in and the catchment area is getting smaller which is why boarding is popular.

AbiRoad Mon 11-Nov-13 08:56:27

I have a few questions about this school (may move to the area so interested in day places rather than boarding).

1. As I understand it the school currently starts at 13 which is unusual for a state school. Where does the intake come from, i.e. do they leave other grammars they joined at 11 or do they mainly do a couple of years of private or is it picking up people who just missed out on grammar at 11 and so view it as a second bite at the cherry?

2. I understand it is planning to move to an 11 plus intake. Is there info on how this would be phased in? eg are there are a couple of years worth of children who will miss out because 11+ was not available when they were that age, but by the time they are 13, the school has moved to 11+ intake? Or will they run 11+ and 13+ in parallel for a few years gradually increasing 11+ places and reducing 13+ places?

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