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confusedette Thu 07-Nov-13 18:55:59

Please could some nice people without any flaming give me an approx breakdown of the school's population in Yr 7. I have no issues with this but I have read on here and elsewhere that Habs, for example, might be considered a third jewish a third christian (or nothing !)and then a third other so a great mix. Is City the same? Friends who attended The Tiffin School in Kingston exam said for example there were extremely few white children .This may have only been their session as maybe the more local Kingston children attended in morning one whereas the afternoon session was for children from outer boroughs.This is all hearsay so any light anyone can shed on City would be kind. If this post is offensive then please mods take it down but I hope it will not be construed as such.

snowsjoke Thu 07-Nov-13 22:51:29

Why are you asking about the racial mix?

QueenQueenie Thu 07-Nov-13 23:31:33

City had around 600 boys sitting the exam for year 7 entry this year. They take approx 60 boys. They interview about 180 boys. I would be extremely surprised if their offers were based on any "quota" system based on ethnicity and / or religion hmm.
I'm not sure I can understand the basis for your question.
I have 2 boys at City. Their year groups are v different in all sorts of ways.
Perhaps you should go and have a look for yourself?

confusedette Fri 08-Nov-13 02:18:13

DH had asked me all sorts of questions about the various schools thats all, as we start the whole process of trying to relocate or not. In many areas it is easy to tell the make up given the locality but obviously given that there are so very few London boys schools this cannot be the case. For dds there is seeming to be any number of city schools 17 in the group and then 2 more. The make up of these must surely be slightly different depending on their location.

The question was also prompted by a thread concerning assemblys on the elevenplus forum about another school where there is a myth about there be 80% of one group or other. But we all know not to trust everything we read on the internet.

Am sure there is no quota. That was never a question. Sorry if it was reading that way. No school would allow that surely and they cannot actually know from year to year who is going to apply and then who will accept.

This said, apparently (also on the elevenplus forum)some grammar schools are now having weight to their papers away from Maths and away from NVR or including no NVR at all to try to alter the ratios. A very short 15-25 mins creative writing piece now is carrying huge weighting and in another, an hour of writing is also carrying around a third of the marks. The girls school one as of this year now has now only got VR and English in it as opposed to VR and NVR. Or narrowing the catchment areas. Depending on your suburb of course this might alter the intake. There is also a lot of anxiety that one of the schools had been discussing the idea of becoming co-ed. Yet less boy places.

A few years ago a local Year 3 transfer caused a lot of upset as the catchment shrank meaning only neigbour roads (all large detached houses just inside oyster zone too) qualified, leaving many children unplaced. Likewise the building of a brand new school altered everything. Nothing to do with race or religion just your money. And if you are not the right kind of faith for the outstanding school then that is that.Or it comes down to a few metres between us all depending on the gender of ones dc.

The miles of threads concerning Tiffins admissions here and elsewhere show what an awkward subject this is.

One person we know in Twickenham was assigned a reception placement in Wimbledon. Maybe an easy drive at 2 a.m. but at 8.30 a.m. with a just 4 year old...

For some the faith might be most importnat.

Anyway the main info is Queenie's sobering 60:600 fact. Back to the discussionS with DH this weekend. Thank you.

onebananatwobanana Fri 08-Nov-13 09:26:24

AFAIK, City is a 10+ and 11+ (and small 13+) entry based on exams. Nothing to do with catchment. Oh, and also to do with can you afford it.

See the first page of the ISI inspection report

Around half the school is minority ethnic with 40 nationalities so a diverse school as you would expect.

Anotherdayanotherdestiny123 Fri 08-Nov-13 21:01:07

I have no idea of the overall mix but the boys coming back into North London at the end of the day when I am on the train seem to be a real mix of Jewish both orthodox wearing the head coverings and non religious. I know this through listening to their conversations and there are also those who are nothing / Christian with a few Asian boys and a couple of Chinese boys. However, they all seem to mix really well together and get on great, sharing their experiences. To my outsiders eyes, it looks like a great mix where everyone is respected and nobody really cares. Really lovely boys, I have to say, a real credit to the school.

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