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St Martha's R C Independent school v Queenswood

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flavas Wed 06-Nov-13 22:36:41

Hello all,

Looking for schools in the North London/Herts area close to M25.

These two schools tick all the boxes for different reasons. Can anyone shed light on experiences/recommendations? I read a disturbing post by an ex Queenswood teacher who called it a hell hole??? not the impression I had whilst looking around, but then you can never really tell. It has worried me a bit as my daughter is leaning towards this school.

St Martha's on the other hand, less disturbing but past posts seem to suggest it doesn't push girls and that everyone there are St Michaels rejects - I have to say I am leaning more towards this school, but reading comments like that has now totally confused me.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of these two schools.


londonanna Wed 06-Nov-13 23:06:20

I don't know anything about Queenswood but did look at St Martha's a couple of years ago and was very keen on it for our daughter. She did actually go to St Michael's but mainly because it was free! I think St. Martha's has a great atmosphere and the girls get lots of attention and all the ones I know of are happy and seem to be having a great experience at school. I hear the pastoral care is very strong. I think the results are good considering lots of the more academic 11 year olds go to St Michael's and the other selectives or the more academically focused independents. It all felt very rounded to me and if she hadn't gone to St Michael's I think we would have chosen it over Habs! Very different to that kind of school of course but different schools suit different girls.

LittleSiouxieSue Thu 07-Nov-13 10:54:16

There is a huge difference in the fees for day pupils. Queenswood is ultra sporty with lots to do. It is C of E not RC which would make a difference to me. Pm me for more info if you like.

flavas Thu 07-Nov-13 11:42:05

Thank you for your replies.

St Martha's did seem very warm and the teachers all seemed very friendly. I have children of very different abilities, so finding a school that will suit all when the time comes is important to me.

When I spoke to a teacher from Queenswood on the open day, she said the tests were selective, but the school is not a hot house. Does this mean that the minimum results they expect are lower and does anyone know of anyone who did not get in to the school?

Also what sort of things will they ask at the interviews for independent schools?


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