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Issues with Motivation (Maths Teacher)

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lottysmum Wed 06-Nov-13 13:06:42

I've a DD in year 7 who is fairly bright across the board, Maths has always been a bit of a roller coaster subject where I've been informed she has natural ability but doesn't have much confidence ....

Picked DD up from school yesterday and she explained that they had all been moved around in the Maths top set where the teacher had explained that the children with potential would be sat at the back daughter was sat on second row (there are 4 rows)....she was a bit down in the dumps because some of the children had been making comments about the seating arrangements.... now the problem I have is my daughter has been assessed as a level 6c which is above average and shows she has potential ....some of the kids on the third row were level 5a which doesnt seem to make sense and this assessment was only based on Calc work assessment and not non Calc work assessment which they are doing this week....there are some extremely bright kids already working at level 7 but surely the teacher should not make a statement "I'm sitting the children on the back rows who have potential" because this has such a negative effect on the children that are bright but lack confidence...

We have first mentor session in two weeks time and I'm not sure what to say...I dont want to criticize but I'm struggling with some of the things this teacher is doing

lljkk Wed 06-Nov-13 15:51:03

It's a bit helcoptery of you to comment on seating arrangements. I imagine factors other than ability came into it.
Perfectly reasonable to ask about what can you do to boost her confidence and why she thinks maybe she doesn't have potential that you know she does.

Labro Wed 06-Nov-13 16:50:30

If the teacher said those words (which you would need to check) then they have phrased things badly. Theres something called the 'self fulfilling proficy' which teachers are advised to avoid when making up groups. My tutor at uni told a story where she walked into.a classroom and the teacher said 'stand up the dull and boring group' and a group of children shuffled to their feet. Its why teachers tend to use colours and shapes as group names.

Its a bad choice of words, not a huge problem. The children on the back row may grasp concepts quicker etc and not need to be within the teachers line of sight.

The teacher will be able to reassure you as to their reasoning behind the decisions at the parents evening.

lottysmum Wed 06-Nov-13 18:05:18

Thank you for the responses it was the wording that annoyed my daughter (and me)... this particular teacher seems to struggle with her use of words and some actions .......

I tried to explain to my daughter that she now has the opportunity to show whats she's capable of and its only the first 1/2 term ... shes strong at non Calc work ... I'm going to raise the matter with her form tutor at the mentor session...

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