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Sources of 16+ indpendent careers & A Level/university subject choice

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rebecca50 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:39:03


I'd welcome advice regarding independent careers guidance for my daughter age 16. She attends a state secondary school and we've found that local careers guidance has been cut to the point that it is pretty useless.

She is doing well academically but is finding it difficult to decide A Levels subjects and beyond that choice of degree subject. As a result I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good quality independent careers advice in the East Midlands/London? There are a lot of adverts in the Sunday papers but they seem to be (over reliant) on psychometric tests at the expense of counselling and exploration face to face.

I'd welcome any advice or suggestions of sources of good quality independent advice?



headlesslambrini Sat 12-Oct-13 20:44:55

your school has a duty to provide careers guidance. I would ask the head firstly what provision they have made. some schools are just signposting to various websites and some have paid for a qualified careers guidance professionals to provide face to face guidance but only to those students who they feel need it rather than the whole year group. If they haven't got anything then please email your MP otherwise nothing will get changed.

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