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St olaves GS letters

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Dibbleofficer Sat 12-Oct-13 14:12:17

Hi all .

Need some advice , got a possible offer outcome letter from St Os. My little fella is gutted. Does anyone with experience in this process know how far down the list the school usually goes. I assume the top 150 odd get a likely place, prediction letter. My Q are what are the odds of a place on the basis that all will not take the offered place . Thanks for help.

sowester Thu 14-Nov-13 12:29:30

My DS entered St.O's Sept 2013.

There are MANY pupils who acheived 'possibly', and a few with UNLIKELEY.

Do not dispair - just put St.O's at the top of your list if you really believe it to be the best place for yr DS.

My hindsight view is that 'possibly' is quite good and your DS should be congratulated for his achievement. Of course you should also keep an eye on alternative schools, including privates.

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