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Having 2 DD at diiferent secondary. Is this madness?

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fortifiedwithtea Wed 09-Oct-13 02:03:56

DD1 is very bright and goes to the Humanities academy 5 minutes walk away. She is currently in Yr11

DD2 has learning difficulties and is school action plus but like her sister is good at sport provided its not a sport that needs hand/eye co-ordination. She wants to go to the sports academy a good 30 minutes walk away.

I can not drive due to epilepsy.

If the 2 schools were side by side I would let DD2 go to her first choice without any hesitation.

I would like to hear from people who have DC at different secondary. DD1 is quite put out about it. How quickly do they get over a sibling going to the rival school

Blu Thu 10-Oct-13 21:01:32

What would you do if DD2 did not have an older sibling?

Pixiedust1973 Fri 11-Oct-13 16:00:27

Had to lol at the rival schools thing. My daughters both go to different secondary schools & it has been really good for them both. My eldest is very high attaining & well behaved but lacks confidence. When we moved here there was no place for her at the local school so she got a place at a school 3 miles away. My youngest has always struggled at school in every way & just recently been diagnosed with ASD. She was always being told off & compared to her very different sister, who in turn had to put up with complaints about her. Going to a school in the next town on the bus has really helped my eldests confidence, & she is able to be herself rather than the naughty kids sister. My youngest goes to our local secondary school & I can walk her there. It is good for her not to have an academic very well behaved sister who has gone before her to be compared to. Not what we initially planned, but worked out for the best for everyone. smile

fortifiedwithtea Fri 11-Oct-13 21:17:11

smile @ Pixiedust1973 thanks for your encouraging reply.

We are going to get DD2 to walk to the sports academy and back so she can judge the reality of doing it every day. I need to judge the reality of it too because I'll have to walk it to get her if she is sent home ill.

Arrange a visit during school hours and arrange to see the SEN team.

Then DD2 can make an informed decision.

Pixiedust1973 Sat 12-Oct-13 15:03:44

Good luck. smile

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