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Feel sad for dd as she has no hope of getting into the school she likes

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bunjies Fri 27-Sep-13 10:51:48

We went to a couple of school open days this week, one at our closest school & one at the popular girls school. We have no issue with the closest one, in fact our ds goes there & likes it. When we looked round there was nothing glaringly bad & on the whole the teachers were enthusiastic. It has always been our preferred choice due to its location. We decided to go & visit the other school to provide some perspective expecting it to be stuffy & not at all what dd would like. How bloody wrong we were. She & we came away totally blown away by the school. She loved everything she saw & now has her heart set on going there. One thing I did notice is that the teachers took more of a step back & let the students do most of the talking. Our guides were a y8 & y12 girl & they were lovely.

Problem is the school is likely to be very over subscribed & as we don't live in the catchment area or have a sibling she is unlikely to get a place. Also if we put this down as her 1st choice & our closest school as her 2nd there is a risk she won't get a place at either. Although at least there will be a sibling connection.

Anyway, I don't really expect any answers & i know it's how things are but it still saddens me that dd won't be able to go to the school she has set her heart on.

Fairypants Fri 27-Sep-13 16:27:32

We can list 3 schools and dd1 was offered them all in reverse order - 3rd choice undersubscribed local school, stayed on waiting list. Then offered over subscribed school we were out of catchment for but it was a small year, just about to accept that and go off the waiting list when she was offered top girls academy in the city (700+ applications for 100 places not based on ability)!
I guess my point is, it's worth giving it a go but maybe don't get her hopes up. Someone has to be offered those places so it may as well be your dd.
Good lucksmile

Clavinova Fri 27-Sep-13 22:12:22

None of the schools will know what position you place them on your list; the local authority will look at the first school on your list to see if it can offer your daughter a place depending on that school's admissions criteria eg sibling, nearness to school etc (each school should have their admissions criteria online). If there are more girls (or boys) who fit the criteria ahead of your daughter to fill the available places for that school then the local authority will look at the next school on your list and so on until they find a school which can offer your daughter a place. As far as each school is concerned they are your first choice and you should list the schools in the order you would prefer.

HSMMaCM Fri 27-Sep-13 23:32:12

My DD didn't get a place at the school she really wanted to go to, but she loves the school she ended up at.

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