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Public transport to Chew Valley School or Bath Schools from Wellsway Keynsham

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mumshort Wed 25-Sep-13 16:12:55

Can anyone advise if there is any public transport that runs daily to chew valley school from Wellsway Keynsham please or to any secondary schools in Bath, struggling to get any information from First Bus or the schools,

Many Thks

jo164 Wed 25-Sep-13 20:54:59

It doesn't look like there is any direct public transport from Keynsham to Chew Valley. The closest school bus is from Whitchurch. I am intrigued as to why you would want Chew Valley when you have Wellsway on your doorstep?

jo164 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:02:47

You could get a direct bus from the top of Bath Hill (outside Talbot) to Newbridge - next to the park and ride in Bath, and then it is a short walk up rhe hill to Oldfield School. From same place you could get direct bus that stops close to Hayesfield school (girls school).

JenaiMorris Wed 25-Sep-13 22:15:11

Any bus into Bath that runs through Keynsham would stop near Oldfield School (the Newbridge stops) or at the bus station (so not too long a walk up to Beechen Cliff or Hayesfield).

crazymum53 Thu 26-Sep-13 08:30:11

Hayesfield school does run some school buses which go directly to the school. The one I know about starts in Bristol and runs along the A4 picking up girls along the way. I would contact the school for details.

JenaiMorris Thu 26-Sep-13 08:40:19

Half the girls at Oldfield are from the Bristol area - Y7 and 8 are now co-ed.

Wellsway School is good though, isn't it?

I imagine the private schools in Bath, if that's what you're after, run their own buses.

mumshort Thu 26-Sep-13 12:56:18

Thak you everyone for your messages

Wellsway school is my no 1 choice for selection, its why we moved to Wellsway, but i want to put down my 2nd & 3rd choices on the application as my husband & I both work long hours and an its an hours drive away for us both and in opposite directions so Keynsham is in the middle for both of our commutes to work our son would need to get to and from school on his own and I need to ensure his safety so I want to choose all 3 options so that i can be sure of this, if wellsway is not given to us... is Oldfield for boys and girls?

JenaiMorris Thu 26-Sep-13 13:51:31

It is now, yes. There's also Bath Academy (which used to be Culverhay) and Beechen Cliff. Do check BANES admissions pages though, for the max distance offered for those who started this year.

JenaiMorris Thu 26-Sep-13 13:55:27

The other Bath schools might be trickier to get to by bus from Keynsham btw, but still worth investigating. The train might work, for Beechen Cliff - Oldfield Park station (which isn't actually near Oldfield School really) rather than Bath Spa.

mumshort Thu 26-Sep-13 14:23:34

my other option is Broadlands, can anyone comment on their thoughts of this school please
thank you

crazymum53 Thu 26-Sep-13 15:38:09

Oldfield is now co-ed and does take a large number of pupils from outside Bath so is worth considering. Quite a steep climb up the hill from Newbridge but there would be a significant number of pupils making the journey.
Hayesfield is still all-girls so not an option for a ds. Beechencliff is a boys school.
Realistically though your chances of not being allocated Wellsway if your in catchment are very small. Do know a family who moved to Keynsham and applied for Y8 transfer who accepted Broadlands because Wellsway was full. Both their ds1 and ds2 have left the school and are now working so their recommendation would be out of date. I understand that the school has improved considerably in recent years. It could be worth considering as 3rd preference!
The other school that had places available for this family was Culverhay (now known as Bath Academy apparently) but they ruled this out due to poor public transport.

mumshort Thu 26-Sep-13 15:44:41

thank you all most helpful....

jo164 Thu 26-Sep-13 17:23:06

If you live on the 'Wellsway' side of Keynsham (used to be the east side of the river) you shouldn't really have any problems getting a place at the school - you will be in their area of prime responsibility. My knowledge of Broadlands is somewhat out of date, but I would probably put Oldfield second and use Broadlands as my third choice.

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