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Banding tests.. what exactly are these ?

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MANT Sun 22-Sep-13 13:01:04

Like 1000s of other year 6 parents we are looking for the best possible secondary school for our child... one school CVMS ( super super oversubcribed) carries out banding tests prior to confirming a place. Are these like mini SATS, CATS OR NFER tests?

Are there any tests that we can use to prepare our child. I am sure they will cherry pick the top end into top mid and lower bands.

A little advice would be great

meditrina Sun 22-Sep-13 13:08:00

They cannot "cherry pick" on scores. The scores are used to put boys into the bands, not rank them within it. To tiebreak in each band, they use the published (faith &sibling, distance) criteria.

MANT Sun 22-Sep-13 13:15:11

Thanks for your reply. The head teacher ( only a few days ago) assured all parents that disitance from the school would in no way affect entry so I am wondering what would ...Lottery draws or picking the best from the banding scores ? I know they no longer accept participation in Parish/church activities.

Does anyone know or have sons that have experienced these banding tests?

tiggytape Sun 22-Sep-13 14:06:49

Banding is a way of getting a cross section of abilities.
Children are tested and placed in a band according to how well they perform in the test.
The school may then draw names out of a hat for places: 80 from Band A, 80 from Band B and 80 from Band C for example.

There is no advantage therefore to preparing for the test unless you think Band A will be fairly empty and your name has more of a chance being 1 out of 80 in Band A than it does in Band B.

meditrina Sun 22-Sep-13 14:10:50

I've just rechecked their criteria. It isn't distance, it's lottery.

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