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Wycombe High School v Sir William Borlase Grammar

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ForrestGrump2 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:28:25


Does anyone have any views on the above schools? Our eldest has just done the 11plus and we are in the middle of the usual school open evening days. Our daughter favours Wycombe High but we are unsure of the all girl structure verses the co-Ed SWBGS. The schools both have outstanding ofsted reports with excellent academic results but are very different in terms of infrastructure and atmosphere. SWBGS feels more traditional whilst WHS seems to be more modern.

Have anybody else had the same dilemma and if so which one was your preference and why?

Many thanks

swbgsstudent Sun 27-Jul-14 23:32:07

It's great to see someone looking at Borlase.
I am currently in year 8 about to start year 9 in Sir William Borlase's Grammar School and I have to say that I am so glad I chose Borlase. Borlase and Wycombe High have academic excellence, however, hearing from friends attending WHS I have learned that the two schools are very different. You picked up on WHS being girls only, I have to say that being in a school with only girls for 7 years can get annoying, I do actually prefer working with both genders. Borlase was founded in 1624 so it's and old school with lots if stories and memories. We recently had an old Borlasian celebrating his 100th birthday at the school in the Cloisters with students and staff, he had a wonderful time! The chapel is fantastic and we learn so much during chapel assemblies. The cloisters are a great place to study when it's sunny, flowers out, teachers and students playing crochet with Henrey the dog watching on. The school is fantastic and everyone is made to feel special. Parents are given updates on the subjects your child is learning stating your target grade, grade, effort and behaviour and if your child has not done as well or has had a problem they with be in touch with head if KS or form tutor. Every lesson at the school makes you learn in ways you look forward to everyday! The extra clubs available are endless and the staff and students are lovely. Respect is key at the school, every child has to stand when a teacher enters a class room, doors are always being opened for you and uniform is constantly being checked. I am proud to be at Borlase. There is so much more to say but I better get back to my STEM project. Thank you for reading.

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