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Eton College House caracteristics

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Etonstyle Sun 15-Sep-13 12:41:21

My son was offered a place at Eton College to enter in September 2015.
I would be glad if somebody familiar with the matter, can give precise information about the various Houses to choose from at Eton. Starting very soon, we have to meet 4 HouseMasters in order to choose a House for 2015. We are looking for a House with the in House facilities to eat.
We would prefere that our son will not take his meals at the centralized Bekington.We are interested in the quality of the House Master and the quality of the house facility and the house food.

difficultpickle Sun 15-Sep-13 13:42:39

Can't the registrar give you some guidance? I would expect him to be able to recommend houses based on your ds's interests.

Etonstyle Sun 15-Sep-13 13:52:52

I am more interested to receive first hand information from actuall parents currently with children at Eton. The registrar at Eton just give you four random House Master names and very breef info on them.

difficultpickle Sun 15-Sep-13 15:01:00

That's odd. I've not had that discussion with Eton but have had with another very similar school and the registrar there was very helpful indeed. Did he not ask you about your ds's interests? Does seem very random if not. You would hope that they would steer you in the direction of suitable houses. I know a couple of housemasters but I don't know what they are like as housemasters (ie boys' perspective).

peteneras Sun 15-Sep-13 15:31:00

First, many congratulations to both your son and yourself for gaining a place at Eton. I’m sure a few decades from now your son will look back at these five years at Eton to be one of the best periods of his life.

As regards Houses, other than College, there’s really not much difference between all the other Oppidan Houses. All parents pay the same money (other than scholarship/bursary holders) and for sure, Eton sees to that all boys no matter which house they’re in, will receive and enjoy the same quality services and education. However, there are 11 Houses who take their meals at Bekynton which really is a fantastic restaurant. If you don’t believe me just take a trip to Eton on any schoolday around noon time and stand anywhere within 100 metres radius of Bekynton and you’ll experience one of the most delightful smells of food being cooked/prepared anywhere! smile

If Bekynton is a fantastic restaurant, then College Hall where King’s Scholars dine, is out of this world! The food served here is of 4 to 5-star hotel quality or by now, Michelin-star quality!.

As for housemasters, it would be good to know what you are looking for in one. What are your son’s preferences, strengths, likes and dislikes, etc.? In a way, having the right personal tutor is more important than the right housemaster.

IndridCold Sun 15-Sep-13 18:17:08

Firstly, very well done to your DS for winning a place at Eton. He will have a wonderful time there.

I have PMd you a few details of houses (courtesy of my DS) but even boys/parents who are already there don't have detailed knowledge of many houses other than their own and those of some of their friends.

The system may seem random, but the chance of not finding a suitable housemaster from a choice of four is very small. peteneras is right that the personal tutor is every bit as important as the HM, and you will have no choice over that (until your DS reaches C block). The same goes for the other boys who are in the house - especially the boys who will be in B block when your DS starts.

Finally, I would strongly advise you to forget about the Bekynton/non-Bekynton thing at this point as you will be excluding some great housemasters right at the very beginning of the process! You don't give your reasons, but personality and pastoral care are more important than where your DS eats his meals.

Etonstyle Mon 16-Sep-13 21:26:41

Thank you for the info. I would like to receive some comments from parents currently with children at Eton, describing the House Conditional and the types of atmosphere you encounter in the Houses.
To my son, also the food quality is rather important. He will have to live on that food for 5 years!

chimera1 Tue 13-May-14 13:28:56

Has any one got any idea what the Eton college boarding house are like?

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