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Does your yr 7/8 dc have their own computery device?

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Takver Wed 11-Sep-13 20:04:54

And if so, what is it?

We have two macbooks, both of which are our work computers, and it is starting to be a source of conflict (ie dd wants to do homework/other stuff on the computer, we're using them). Hence thinking vaguely about laptop as a possible christmas present.

The problem is, we really would rather not deal with a pc (viruses, neither of us used to the operating system etc). But, even a 2nd hand macbook (which ours are) is pricey. A tablet - ipad or similar is the obvious alternative - but will this do for school stuff? I'm thinking not, as you can't for example save work to a memory stick?

Takver Sun 15-Sep-13 17:59:53

Many thanks for advice, all. After a bit of thinking, the mac mini seems the way to go, we have a computer screen in the sitting room & it can be a family computer that dd uses to get round the vanishing-to-bedroom thing smile

Looks like we should be able to get something for under £250 on ebay that will run a newer version of the OS than our macs, which is a bonus as there's the odd website (yes looking at you, HMRC) that doesn't work on them.

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