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GCSE taken in YR10 Maths and Science

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sugarandsweet Tue 10-Sep-13 13:56:25

So my son who took Maths and science in year 10 got B's and C's when he was predicted A's and B's. I'm told by the science teacher its because the grade bandings have changed this year. She said he was 4 marks off an A but still got a C my first thought it how ridiculously tight that grading is but also why didn't the school make it clearer how the grading could change and affect a grade from a A to a C.

A very upset son going into year 11.

friday16 Thu 12-Sep-13 22:11:55

To take it to the extreme, I live near a private school which does not teach biology at either GCSE or A level because it would counteract religious teaching on evolution!

But that, presumably, is not one of the schools accused of having a secret route into selective universities.

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