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Is an A Grade Gcse from a State School a better than an A* from a private School

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soul2000 Sat 31-Aug-13 10:58:18

In the wake of the reported fact that 32% of pupils from Independent Schools achieved at least 1 A* at Gcse and only 8% from State Schools and now doubt, a large amount of the A* Grade"s from State schools were from Grammar Schools. If someone from a bog standard Comprehensive achieved 2As at Gcse, is that a better achievement than 4A* from a highly selective Independent School

I know these types of discussions are bound to come back to Grammar schools rights/wrongs, or about family finances or parents previous Educational background. I just want to see if people agree that an A from a normal Comprehensive requires a far greater effort than an A* from an a highly selective Independent School.

PurpleGirly Wed 04-Sep-13 10:49:23

Actually word, my very good friend is a head teacher at a private school. I also said 'many' parents are unsupportive, not all. Please do not misquote me.

WorrySighWorrySigh Wed 04-Sep-13 13:01:19

Bonsoir It is interesting to observe first time users of state education - inevitably, they grossly overestimate how much school will do and fall short of the involvement that many parents with a family history of state school use think of as normal!

Something I see as a long term state school user is that parents need to be involved far more than I think was necessary in times past. DH and I are far more involved in our DCs education than were our parents. We feel that this is necessary as the school is struggling to do much more than cover the syllabus and even that is not always achieved.

Exam question practice, exam technique, development beyond the basics required for the GCSE all seem to have to come from parents not the school.

bevelino Wed 04-Sep-13 20:09:25

I think it is difficult to determine whether a pupil from a bog standard comp achieving 2A's has a better achievement than a pupil achieving 4A* from a highly selective independent school. This is because highly selective independents and grammar schools have their pick of the very brightest pupils.

Although the report states that 32% of pupils educated at independent schools achieve at least 1A* that figure is an average of all pupils attending independent schools. Pupils attending highly selective schools are expected and do achieve more than 1A*. If you look at the results of schools such as Westminster, SPGS, CLGS, Henrietta Barnett for example you will see that their pupils consistently achieve at least 6A* and often much higher. Therefore it is arguable that those same students would do well even if they attended a bog standard comp but you will never know.

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