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Any opinions on this combination of AS levels please?

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DD2 doesn't really know what she wants to do and doesn't appear to like much about school, except Art! We've had an absolute nightmare trying to think what AS levels might work for her, not helped at all by a v poor combination of option groupings.

She's wondering about doing: English Lang/Lit * Art * History * Sociology

Any opinions?

Thank you. smile

OttilieKnackered Sat 31-Aug-13 00:01:17

Tiger, yes, I agree that's how it's viewed by Oxbridge and quite possibly Russell group as well. But firstly, it doesn't necessarily sound like OP's daughter will be applying there and secondly, I don't see university recommendations as black and white/ good and bad. The list of facilitating subjects is very short, but I don't think all the remaining ones are viewed equally. For example, I would have thought that English language would be viewed more favourably than PE if applying to a Russell group as part of a mix of subjects.

I may well be wrong on this, please correct me if so.

I think we can safely say she won't be applying to Oxbridge. smile

RiversideMum Sun 01-Sep-13 13:32:53

If her real interest is art, then is that the route she wants to be heading?

No idea, River! Not sure what an art degree could lead her to?

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