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BTEC in Performing Arts level 2 qualification - study tips?

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ITCouldBeWorse Fri 16-Aug-13 12:54:42

Dd starts hers I. September and is very much looking forward to it. I believe it is a combination of performances, portfolios, and a controlled assessment, maybe even an exam.

Does anyone have any good tips on building the portfolio, or collecting evidence, anything actually!

Do you think she would benefit from setting up folders to collect stuff? Creating checklists to ensure she has everything?

Thankyou very much!

Theincidental Fri 16-Aug-13 13:04:13

I did one years ago, but course sounds similar. I had collections of programmes from shows with my own reviews. Photos of costumes, designs etc that I liked annotated with why I thought they were interesting. Performance and rehearsal diaries, prompt scripts, lighting and technical plans, professional review if shoes I'd seen etc.

I think what was important is that whatever I collected, I wrote my own reflections and critical thoughts about it with it.

ITCouldBeWorse Fri 16-Aug-13 13:09:20

Oh that sounds brilliant. Thankyou. I think just having an idea of what to look for will be really helpful for her.

Kez100 Fri 16-Aug-13 18:33:36

Try and get hold of the marking criteria for each unit.

BTECs generally have things you have to do to pass each unit. You have to do or evidence them all to get a pass.

Then there are things you have to do to get a merit. You have to get all of the passes and all of the merits to get a merit.

Then there are things you have to do to get a distinction. You have to get all of the passes, all of the merits and all of the distinction criteria met to get a unit distinction.

All the units results then fall into a formula and you end up with fail, pass, merit, distinction or (now I think there is also) distinction*

The criteria won't say 'write and essay' or anything as direct as that, you will need to interpret what's needed to meet the requirements but the teacher should be able to guide.

What my son found with his BTEC is that you need lots of self motivation because the class will work on getting passes (well, his did) and if you stay ahead of the game - especially on the written/evidence, project stuff then you 'pass' quicker and can ensure you have time ahead to work on ensuring you do even better and nail the higher criteria. He thinks he managed an overall merit in the end.

EvilTwins Fri 16-Aug-13 18:44:50

You can look at the specification on the Edexcel website.

The spec changed last year so students now have to do 3 units - one will be Individual Showcase (this is the external unit - no exam) for which the exam board sends the school a variety of scenarios and they choose one to respond to - it's a letter of application (the scenarios are set out like job adverts) and then a performance or demonstration of technical skill. The other two units are Preparation, Production & Performance and then a Skills unit depending on how the course is organised (my class is doing Acting Skills, but there is also Dance, Musical Theatre and a couple of others) Each unit is assessed via portfolio and practical work and is based on specific projects set by the teacher. It would benefit your DD to keep record of things she sees out of school, but she may not be able to include them in portfolio work if it doesn't fit with the project, IYSWIM. For example, one of my projects this year was Shadows In The Night, so if one of my students had taken themselves off to see The Woman In Black in London, he/she could have done a review of it and explained how it influenced his/her final performance project. If the same student had seen The Lion King or Noises Off instead, it wouldn't have been so relevant (unless there was something stylistic they'd used in their own work)

Under the old spec, there was much greater flexibility - a student could use outside activities to enhance their assessed work to a much greater extent. In the new spec, it's much more directed.

ITCouldBeWorse Sun 18-Aug-13 00:57:11

That's really helpful, thanks

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