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Would anyone be able to explain these results to me, please

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PrettySick Thu 15-Aug-13 11:23:16

Hi, we are ex pats and my ds returned to the UK to sit his AS as an external candidate after studying at home this last year, so we don't really have a school or peers round about we can ask about this. He got his results today, (AQA) and is devastated to have received a C in business studies, which he always considered his best subject. We are trying to work out if he was near the B boundary, and thus worth risking a remark, but neither of us understand the numbers he has been sent. I do have the grade boundaries from AQA, but don't know which numbers on the transcript I should be using, as none of them seem to come near any boundaries. Next to the grade, under mark equivalent, it says 126. For points it says 105. For unit 1 it says 52c and for unit 2 it says 74c. Can anyone help us understand what these mean? The figures for scaled mark boundaries on AQA for a C, are 30 and 45; and for a B are 34 and 50. Thank you!

DocMarten Thu 15-Aug-13 12:41:27

Just trying to look into it for you!

PrettySick Thu 15-Aug-13 12:46:50

Thank you! Tearing our hair out here, just can't find answers anywhere, and the college where he sat them say they can't explain the marking to external candidates.

Phineyj Thu 15-Aug-13 12:52:44

I would guess that the marks are percentages and that each makes up 50% of the grade, so the 52 is 26 and the 74 is 37 -- 26+37=63 which sounds unlikely to be a near miss for a B -- however hopefully someone wise in the ways of AQA will be along in a minute!

DocMarten Thu 15-Aug-13 12:52:46

It is rather strange, as I have home educated mine to exams and can usually work all of this out but must admit I am struggling with yours. Going back to it again, this time with a coffee. I can't seem to make any of it to add up to what is on your results slip. Back in a mo.

DocMarten Thu 15-Aug-13 13:03:59

well if have managed to find this but it was dated march 2013, so it wont be your DS ones, but it much easier to understand.

I am trying to find one which is for this summers exams. If you look at the business 1 and 2 on this he does come out in the C grade. But am failing to find anything similar on AQA site for this summer. Maybe they don't release it yet? Will keep looking.

ZolaBuddleia Thu 15-Aug-13 13:19:05

Is there any chance that the numbers 52c and 74c are unit codes? BTEC units each have a number as well as a title.

DocMarten Thu 15-Aug-13 13:21:06

No I don't think they are Zola, the unit code looks different. So frustrating.

glaurung Thu 15-Aug-13 13:31:07

I reckon 52 and 74 are the unit UMS results. Together they make 126 the overall result out of 200 (C is anything between 120 and 139/200).

Obviously the units are weighted differently so maybe unit 1 was out of 80 and unit 2 120. Then 52/80 = 67.5% = grade C on that paper, and 74/120 = 61.7% = grade C on that paper.

glaurung Thu 15-Aug-13 13:35:00

All of that would be UMS, the scaled mark boundaries would be the raw marks which he would have probably got about 33 for paper 1 (a high C) and 46 for paper 2 (a low C).

PrettySick Thu 15-Aug-13 13:51:30

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate all your input. Beginning to look as if he just seriously misjudged something, and didn't realise it.

AtiaoftheJulii Thu 15-Aug-13 15:15:04

Think the 52 and 74 are the ums for each unit. 126 = 52 + 74? No idea of the 105. Was talking to a friend earlier whose daughter got very similar marks, was similarly befuddled by the results sheet, and similarly had felt the exam went well and was disappointed.

Are you thinking of a re-mark?

JGBMum Thu 15-Aug-13 19:34:59

If you prefer, you can ask for a photocopy of the paper in the first instance, then follow it up with a re-mark if you still feel its worthwhile.

We did this in March with DS Physics paper. He came out of the exam feeling it had gone well, but then scored a C in the exam (predicted an A)
When we got the paper back, he had made some silly mistakes, but had also completely missed out the entire last page - about 25 marks worth!

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