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Royal Grammar School (High Wycombe)

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odeliaho Tue 30-Jul-13 10:58:07

Any experiences about Royal Grammar School (High Wycombe) please?

I would like to apply for 2014 - Year 9 for my ds.
And a boarding place is also needed.

odeliaho Thu 01-Aug-13 01:13:03

Anybody familiar with this school and give some comments please.

PhoenixUprising Thu 01-Aug-13 08:12:06

I think it's very hard to get into any of the Bucks grammars at that age.

There normal admissions round are Y7 and Y12. So I think you'd only get a place in Y9 if they have one - which is unlikely.

Is there some reason you think you'd be able to Get a place?

bico Thu 01-Aug-13 12:00:11

I assume it would be classed as an in year admission so you need to check that bit of the Bucks CC website. You could also call the school to get an idea of how likely it would be that an in year place would be available. I know that they have in some previous years converted boarding places into day places as the boarding places haven't been filled but that would be for admission in year 7.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Thu 01-Aug-13 12:03:05

RGS is over subscribed. Even people in catchment who have passed 11+ can't get in. And you can't board there.

Best bet is to contact Bcc and ask but places are like hens teeth.

bico Thu 01-Aug-13 12:05:17

When did RGS do away with boarding places? Is that a new thing? Their website still has information about boarding.

outtolunchagain Thu 01-Aug-13 17:30:11

You can definitely board there ,you may have a better chance of a boarding place as they are not so oversubscribed,or so I am told.

Are you set on RGS , there are other well regarded boarding state schools eg Anglo European at Hockerill or Wymondham College

bico Thu 01-Aug-13 19:37:47

The other place you could try locally is Holyport College that I think will be admitting year 9s next year and will have boarding places.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Fri 02-Aug-13 00:47:18

Apologies I was thinking of AGS/AHS as non boarding.

odeliaho Fri 02-Aug-13 06:48:13

Thank you all for the information.
Actually we are not living in Bucks. I know it is very difficult to get in even though students already passed the entrance test. I think, should it has a number of quota for overseas students?
Acutally, my main conerns are the learning environment, students' learning attitude, mannar, etc.

PhoenixUprising Fri 02-Aug-13 07:30:21

It's selective and in a fairly middle class area.

Therefore it's 'a lovely school.'

You can see all its exam results online so I'm sure you know how well it does.

But the point is Y9 is not a natural admission point, so it's very unlikely your DS will get a place.

The boarding and overseas quota will surely be filled in Y7.

State schools don't start in Y9, they start in Y7. Lots of private schools start in Y9 though.

PhoenixUprising Fri 02-Aug-13 07:34:55

here's it's results.

No low attainers. Virtually no kids with bad SEN. Virtually no poor kids.

And, unsurprisingly, very good exam results.

Honestyisbest Sun 04-Aug-13 13:00:51

OP I believe that there are often boarding places and in Y9 the school has control over entry. The school often has spare boarding places even though it is full to day pupils.
personally though I wouldn't want my DS to board there as the numbers are so low, it really is a day school. Results can be misleading too remember.......they are not the whole story. Pastoral care is so important if you are looking at boarding make sure you concentrate on this, if you're child is not happy they won't achieve those stellar results.

odeliaho Mon 05-Aug-13 01:23:43

dear all,
thank you for telling me more about the school.
it sounds you or your friends' ds encountered something unhappy in this school. would you please share more? are you want to tell it's not a very good boarding school?

Honestyisbest Mon 05-Aug-13 09:22:03

Odeliaho there are 10 boarders per year group and over 190 in a year group. So I think really difficult for the boarders. Be aware also that state boarding schools are limited to children who are nationals of the UK so you need to check the criteria if applying from outside the UK or did I misunderstand you upthread? I would give the school a call and visit.

odeliaho Tue 06-Aug-13 01:28:19

thank you for your advice. Actually, my dd is studying in another state boarding school. So I know the procedures of applying. For a simple mind of thinking, a school which is difficult to get in, is a good school. I would try. Thank you.

sabaA Mon 20-Oct-14 16:24:11

So did you put your child in RGS. I'm thinking of. He passed his tests and I'm just considering it. Any further advice?

odeliaho Thu 30-Apr-15 04:36:05

My son is now studying Y9 at RGS. It is a pretty good school. He enjoys his boarding life. And his academic results are quite good during terms. He joins U14 rugby and practices viola after school, and play other sports as well.

sabaA Sun 21-Jun-15 03:46:22

Thanks for that odeliahio.
My son got in at RGS with a day place. In the waiting list for a day boarding place. He will start in September in Y7. He is very excited! So am I smile

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