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Is Year 8 a 'lost' year - Advice and Information needed

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minesawine Sun 07-Jul-13 09:41:09

Hi all. Year 7 is nearly over, with all the trials and tribulations that went with it!

It has been a year of change and settling into a routine that is so different to primary school, but it has been mostly a good experience for my DS.

I have been told that Year 8 is a bit of a lost year, where not much happens, but nothing is new. They said it is the year when the kids are most disruptive, get bored and drop their grades and standards. Hormones kick in and school is way down on the list of priorities.

I find that a little bit worrying. Is it true? What happens in schools in year 8? Is it onwards and upwards or just a filler year before GCSE's start?

Madsometimes Wed 17-Jul-13 16:38:40

A good year for my dd. She was the only one from her primary school at this secondary, so year 7 was a bit of a settling in period. Academically she plateaued, and had mates at school but not very good friends.

In year 8, her secondary school feels like home. She has made some good friends and her NC levels have increased quite a bit. I would say that year 8 is a happy year for my dd, so I'm pleased with how this year has gone.

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