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What are your post GCSE DC doing til Sept?

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LittenTree Sat 06-Jul-13 17:42:20


Do they have a job? An absorbing hobby? Out socialising all the time?

We're a good couple of years away from this but I'm wondering! I expect mine will spend 18 hours a day on his laptop.....

RussiansOnTheSpree Sat 06-Jul-13 18:29:07

Well, today we went to see Othello. grin

Basically - she's in a couple of shows (one already done), she's doing several music courses (one in London already done) and having her normal lessons, and we're going to see quite a bit in London - 3 more plays and some proms. We live about 200 miles from London so although going there on a weekly basis is usual for me, for work, it's a big treat for her. She's also got quite a bit of work to do for school, too - they have been given various projects.

Lost in the mists of antiquity, I spent my post O level summer busking. So while it was in essence similar to her - loads of music - I made shitloads of money instead of costing my parents heaps. And I spent it all on shows and promming!

MrsBartlet Sat 06-Jul-13 19:41:33

My Dd spent last week commuting to London to do work experience at a publishers which was a great experience for her.

Next week she intends to lie around in the garden reading. She has a meeting of her book club on Tuesday and hasn't even started the book yet. She is going to do be doing English at sixth form (and hopefully university) and so wants to get through lots of books which her English teacher has recommended.

She also informs me that she will spend next week preparing herself for prom (whichis next Saturday) by exercising, eating healthily and doing various beauty treatments!

Other than that she has a few hours of work lined up over the summer and we are going on holiday for a week. Somewhere in all that I am hoping she might tidy her bedroom!

webwiz Sat 06-Jul-13 22:30:59

DS is going on a sixth form induction next week - its a team building thing at an activity centre for three days. He's been seeing friends some days and spending others relaxing.

Currently he's catching up with his older sisters who are home from university and then we're all on holiday for three weeks.

He's another that wants to do English at university so he's trying to get quite a bit of reading in (and a bit of xboxing).

mumslife Sat 06-Jul-13 22:39:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MsAverage Sun 07-Jul-13 00:06:38

2 weeks in the US, here she's never been, to have a look at American unis and generally at the US life, then 4 weeks of internship in the company I work for. We have at the moment a post-GCSE intern there, and I am not happy with what he is doing (in one word: nothing). So, I am priming folks to give her real job tasks (she worked for me, and I was surprised to learn she is good).

And June was pretty much nothing - lazy reading, lazy gym, lazy music, quite an exciting trip to oil painting masterclass to the relatives in the Lake District, lazy looking into A-levels materials. Mostly Xbox and the similar.

olivevoir58 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:29:37

Absolutely nothing apart from sleep, which she's done lots of - approx 12 hours a day 1am to 1pm usually. She needs it though. High school was a tough old slog for her and it's nothing short of a miracle that she sat GCSEs let alone maybe passed them (and I'm quietly hopeful she's pulled off a good handful of Bs and Cs). I adopted her from the care system when she was nearly 8. She is bright but struggled massively with anxiety, school refusing and anger and ended up with an EBD statement in Y10. School have been fab though (in particular the learning and inclusion department) and she now finds herself preparing for 6th form and A levels in English lit, applied business, media and photography. So in the grand scheme of things, I don't begrudge her 3 months of sleep!

AtiaoftheJulii Sun 07-Jul-13 09:20:18

Sleep, socialising, stage managing for her youth theatre show this coming week, more help round the house than usual, she's taking her little sister to a workshop in London that I got double booked for and can't do, a fortnight in Canada coming up (she and her sister are going to stay with my aunt near Toronto - I'm more jealous than I thought I would be, lol). Then the rest of August will doubtless be more sleep, more socialising, and some reading of the book lists.

Marlinspike Sun 07-Jul-13 09:31:09

A bit more sleeping
Some more socialising
Working (waitressing)
Festival-ing (Leedsfest, August)

I have urged her to get some work experience, but she doesn't have time apparently....

MsAverage Sun 07-Jul-13 09:39:09

Oh yes, sleeping. How I forgot the major one.

gobbin Sun 07-Jul-13 20:54:03

Sleeping, playing cricket, not doing housework, more cricket, couple of other hobbies and lots and lots of XBOX!

I've told him go for it, it's probably the last genuine opportunity he'll have in his life to kick back totally without feeling obliged to work/do work experience.

mumslife Sun 07-Jul-13 21:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBuskersDog Mon 08-Jul-13 00:06:14

Was glad to read the last couple of posts, was beginning to think that mine was the only 16 year old not giving a toss about doing anything 'constructive' with his time off.

RussiansOnTheSpree Mon 08-Jul-13 08:16:35

Buskers Mines not 16! grin She's asleep now but after the weekend we had I'm not surprised.

secretscwirrels Mon 08-Jul-13 11:19:21

Post AS levels they also have a long break.
DS finished college on 26th June. He has done a summer school and we have a 2 week family holiday His grandmother and I have a list of jobs which we are prepared to pay him for, shed and fence painting, garage clearing etc.

cory Mon 08-Jul-13 15:05:07

Dd is mainly doing drama: performed at street theatre fair last weekend, then youth theatre performance next weekend, then regional youth theatre from mid-August.

And will also be going to see a few shows.

I have also told her she needs to spend some time as my housekeeper this summer as she is not working and I have to work and am having medical problems. Is currently to be found in the kitchen washing up.

And then there will be the usual socialising: picnisc, trips to the beach.

longingforsomesleep Mon 08-Jul-13 20:29:06

Olivevoir - what an incredibly lucky young lady to have found her way to you.

Mine's just sleeping, chilling, seeing friends - nothing much really!

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