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Help with finding good secondary schools in either LB Bexley or LB Bromley

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auntimama Sat 06-Jul-13 04:52:06

I am moving back to the UK after a 10 year sojourn abroad in Africa. I used to live in Camberwell, LB Lambeth, but I am considering moving to either Bexley or Bromley. I am looking for good secondary schools in both areas and that would determine where I will live. My dd's are 11 and 12 and even though am late for admissions I understand there's the in year admissions process. What are my best options?

wineoclocktimeyet Sat 06-Jul-13 17:50:25

If you haven't already done so, it may be worth doing a search as I know there are lots of posts about Bromley and Bexley schools already.

If you are just talking about state (as opposed to private fee paying schools), the catchments for the good Bromley schools are usually very small and the house prices are higher because of that.

There are 2 super-selective state schools in Bromley, St Olaves for boys and newstead wood for girls. You're probably best to look at their websites with regards to in year admissions.

Bexley has a number of Grammar schools and again, its probably best to look at the Bexley Borough site re in year admissions.

The problem with all the good schools is that they are oversubscribed so I assume you would just have to wait until people leave and places become available.

Sorry, cant help re private schools, hopefully someone will be alone soon who can.

If you have any queries about specific schools, please feel free to ask, although as I said there are loads of past posts.

Good Luck

auntimama Sun 07-Jul-13 05:05:23

wineoclocktimeyet, thanks. The info you provided is quite useful. It appears to be a daunting task but will check out the borough websites for their in year admission policies.

BriefcaseOfFacts Sun 07-Jul-13 06:05:22

[[Bromley league tables
This is useful.
There is a good, non-selective school in Hayes (Bromley) and another called Darrick Wood in Orpington. Darrick has a tiny catchment area though (not sure about Hayes)
Bullers wood is a good single sex school in Chislehurst.

Newstead (mentioned previously) is HUGELY over subscribed and very selective - they have their own very tricky entrance exam which comprises of verbal and non-verbal only. Unless your dd are very bright (sorry, not casting aspersions!) - then they would be unlikely to get a place there.


ddninja Fri 31-Jul-15 10:59:16

auntimama, i am in the exact situation as you - ds 12, dd 11 - will need to look for in year app - and tragetting bromley.. bexley.. can i requet for your advice / experiences pls...
thanks in advance.

PettsWoodParadise Sat 01-Aug-15 07:38:32

Bromley Borough is a great place to live. If applying for an in-year place you need to buy or rent ultra close to a school, even then you may have to wait for a place. Darrick Wood had already been mentioned. Also Langley Park schools in Beckenham. A few new schools are opening for Sep 2016, Bullers Wood for boys to complement the popular girls school of the same name and a co-ed in Beckenham but the first year will be run out of The Ravensbourne School site as they haven't revealed the final location yet. Pressure on school places is intense. Good luck with the move.

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