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Alexandra Palace school v Friern Barnet school

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morenabanze Wed 03-Jul-13 12:08:41

Hello there,
My daughter has just been offered a place at APS (year 9), we've been waiting two years on the waiting list, initially she was sent to Hornsey school for girls, which is nearly 2 miles from my house (I live in N10).
Two months ago we also received an offer from Friern Barnet school, which we accepted, believing she was never going to be offered a place in a local Haringey school. Now she is in FBS , she likes the school, it has an outstanding Ofsted report, but music lessons (v important to us) are three times the price of Haringey, and since she has just moved, maybe it wouldn't hurt so much to move her again. Initially she said she wasn't leaving her new school and refused to talk about it. after meeting a friend from primary, who goes to APS she decided she wants to move, but my final date to accept the offer was yesterday. I called the council and apparently I can still accept the offer as long as it's now....but I don't know what to do...I know APS is such a good school, people go through huge efforts to get their kids a place(including myself)..Any suggestions?

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