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MoniDubai Tue 02-Jul-13 17:00:19

Does anyone have any experience of good ib tutors that we could use over the summer in London? Visiting for a month from Dubai, cannot believe the prices per hour I have been quoted !

Would love some good recommendations, HL Eng lit and lang and for HL psych, DD just finished year 12 here in Dubai, needs help with critical thinking and better written expression I think but with someone who is totally familiar with the IB diploma exams, please help !

Warmest (it's 42 degrees in the shade) regards, Moni Dubai

IBMOM Wed 17-Jul-13 12:54:12

I live in Surrey and need HL MATH AND CHEMISTRY tutor for my DD. Seems like an impossible thing to find tutors !! :-( There are so many who do A/L tuition and not the IB . I too am looking for experienced tutors who can help her with examination techniques rather than content.

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