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Best friend leaving

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pixelchick10 Thu 27-Jun-13 21:47:56

Hi my daughter's about to start her GCSE year next year (Y10) and we've heard that her best friend (in all the same sets as her) is leaving to go to another school 'that's more academic' ... quite a shock as we really thought this other girl would stay through till sixth form ... she's now been going round telling DD that she's going to a school with 'bright children' ... which has upset her not surprisingly (and me!!). This other school really is (results wise) on a par with her current school - gets good results but it's not top league ... reading between the lines I think this friend tried for a really academic school and wasn't accepted but did get into this second choice smile I guess we're feeling quite unsettled by it all ... I'm not about to move my daughter as she changed school a lot when she was in juniors but it still has made me question my choice of sending her there originally ... have to say I've been impressed by my daughter's progress and growth in confidence and she's happy and working fairly hard generally ... I've liked a lot of the teachers when I've met them at parents' evenings and the one or two problems I've had through her years at the school have been efficiently sorted ...

monikar Fri 28-Jun-13 10:36:21

If you are happy with your DD's current school, she is making good progress, any problems have been dealt with efficiently, then I would say you would be wise to keep her where she is. Had this friend not been leaving, would you have any doubts?

It is always unsettling when you think that there might be something 'better' out there. However, your DD's happiness in a school counts for a lot, especially starting year 10. It would take probably at least half a term to settle in and that is a lot of time in such an important year.

Are you concerned that your DD will miss her friend next year? My DD was in lots of different sets for GCSE courses and very quickly got friendly with loads of other girl she had not been with before.

DD's friend may be worried herself about the change and may be repeating what she has heard from her parents about the new school being full of 'bright children'. There are bright children everywhere.

Hope that helps a little.

Gunznroses Fri 28-Jun-13 19:53:06

Pixie - i'm surprised you're feeling unsettled just because of someone elses choice. From what you've said your dd sounds like she is making good progress, grown in confidence, good teachers, and school gets good results. This is also a yr before GCSE yr, i peronally don't like the idea of moving children after yr 9, all very unsettling unless in mitigating circumstances.

Its a shame she is your dd best friend, but that's life, tell your dd to wish her all the best, i'm sure they can still see each other locally. Other girl's comments re: "bright kids" says more about her own insecurities than anything, completely ignore it.

Leeds2 Fri 28-Jun-13 20:49:38

I moved to start year 10 (completely different area, due to parental job change) in a new school. Wouldn't recommend it. Your DD is in the best place for her.

pixelchick10 Sat 29-Jun-13 05:46:34

Thanks all - feeling a lot better!! smile

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