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following Recent school visits from overseas - new advice or comments needed!

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Caribbeanpuss Wed 26-Jun-13 13:30:40

We returned to the U.K from the caribbean and visited four boarding schools for our son for 2016. Radley, St Edwards, Harrow and Charterhouse.
Loved Radley - amazing!! distance from airport and family.....just too far to contemplate
St Edwards - our B list - warm cozy, slightly unstructured, location so not us.
Harrow - went expecting to not like. Thought it would be stuffy and not our scene but we were blown away by the boys, the newish registrar and the way we were treated. They seem to be making several changes to the admissions in an attempt to make it less "old boy network" now two interviews so that decision is not solely based on the house master. Didn't like town centre location and layout of school but was bowled over by everything else.

Charterhouse - Our first choice - always has been due to location and country style campus. Weekly boarding is a BIG issue for me.... made even more nervous when registrar said - "we need to reinstate our sunday activities really??"

Our son is currently an A grade student and plays for cricket and footbal team, he is an average player but he is a trier at everything he does.
We have decided to apply for Harrow and Charterhouse and see if he gets into Harrow. I am just a little nervous that it will be too stretching that the life is too full on for a boy from "the lazy caribbean".....
Conversely I am worried about him being left at Chaterhouse at weekends. The registrar said to us that chosing the house wisely would help with that but forgive me... how on earth am I meant to know if the intake for 2016 has overseas students and which house they are going into??
Does anyone have any recent personal experience of putting their son from overseas into either of these schools and how they coped. Full on full time boarding Verses boarding with few boys around?
Would greatly appreciate any feed back

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