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Dozy yr 8 not learning much post lunch - any tips?

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LongStory Mon 24-Jun-13 21:27:47

My son in yr 8 gets very tired after lunch and says he doesn't learn much in those lessons. His body clock is just like his Dad - wired in the evenings and full of beans early in the day, but designed for a country with Siestas!

Any ideas on how to keep him learning through those lessons? He's losing out on an important part of his education and we're getting complaints from teachers. He's never actually fallen asleep, yet...

I'm thinking to up his lunch money and send him in with some chocolate milk (a step short of red bull) to fire him up for the pm. Any other good ideas much appreciated.

cavell Mon 24-Jun-13 22:07:25

Is he just eating loads of carbs at lunchtime? Make sure he gets some protein and has a drink of water. If he could get a bit of fresh air, too, that might help.

sashh Tue 25-Jun-13 04:11:32

A flask of coffee?

<not serious>

FatalFlowerGarden Tue 25-Jun-13 08:55:55

Agree with cavell. The last thing he needs is chocolate milk - he'll 'slump' even more after drinking that. Plenty of water, some protein, fruit/veg, slow-acting carbs, a bit of exercise and fresh air will help. Sugar will just make it far worse.

Gunznroses Tue 25-Jun-13 09:15:03

Blimey! Chocolate milk 'to fire him up' confused he'll be falling asleep faster than a drunken sailor.

What time does he go to bed? I would bring his bed time forward by at least 1 hr, also when he gets back from school, can he fit in a 1 hr nap? Combine the two together and i'm positive he'll be able to last till at least 3pm whilst still being alert and sparky. Some people just need a lot of sleep.

LongStory Tue 25-Jun-13 09:38:35

Thank you .... we'll lay easy on the sugar then. He has a sensible bed time and plenty of exercise, but I like the idea of a doze when he gets in!

Lottie4 Tue 25-Jun-13 11:10:59

I agree with Cavell's advice as well. Is he getting enough sleep? If I have a late night, it hits me in the afternoon.

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