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There is no decent secondary for my ds!

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onetiredmummy Tue 18-Jun-13 12:54:52

I live in the suburbs of a city but there is only one secondary school in walking distance & I don't think its suitable for ds1. Its a sports academy, he hates & is no good at sports. Its a boys school, I would prefer he went to a mixed school. He is academic & the school does not has a history of academic success.

I'm on the website now, there's no link to the Ofsted report & all the recent news is concerned with their sports achievements.

Do catchment areas still exist? Could he attend another school in the city? I can't afford an independent one.

Lancelottie Wed 19-Jun-13 14:01:50

Is that right, Jenai? I filled in ours for all three schools at the same time (was bored at work) so couldn't then re-do it when asked for Ofsted. So do they then somehow filter out anything said more than 24 hours ago? <boggles>

JenaiMorris Wed 19-Jun-13 17:50:58

There's a deadline after which they don't include ratings in the Ofsted report - I think it's the morning of the day of the inspection or something similarly tight. Which would be fine if parents had more notice or if parents generally filled in these things without being prompted ahead of an inspection.

Apparently you can resubmit ratings, but this deletes your previous rating.

I looked at ds's previous school and there are 0 responses out of 300-odd!

lljkk Thu 20-Jun-13 16:36:30

I think OP needs to contact LEA and talk to other parents about options. 2 DC attend 2 different schools (or will do, actually) up to 10 miles away. Just costs a fortune in transport.

Requires Improvement is nothing to worry about.

3 nearest high schools have 2600 pupils. Combined they have 13 total reviews on ParentView.

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