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How does a GCSE in a foreign language rank on the CEFR?

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MrsSchadenfreude Thu 13-Jun-13 21:56:03

DD1 has been ranked as B2 in her school in France for French language. How would this compare with a GCSE? Could I put her in for a GCSE and be reasonably confident that she would pass it?

Eastpoint Fri 14-Jun-13 04:44:25

The exam boards have previous papers on their websites, you can print them out. You could find one (make sure it is higher level) and ask her to do it.

ThePolymath Sat 15-Jun-13 00:15:16

B2 is technically A-level but be wary of varying reliability of tests. She should definitely be fine with GCSE though, which is more like A2 or B1 at a stretch.

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