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Please help me help my DS

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anyway Sat 15-Jun-13 19:23:38

How did the meeting with the welfare officer go? Hope the school take it seriously and have something to offer. Secondary schools get League Table points now for how much progress children make in 3 ability bands, (less able, average, and more able) depending on their primary Sats results, to counter the problem of schools just focussing on the C-D borderline for GCSE grades.
The 14-18 school sounds interesting. It could help your son to maintain motivation, feeling he will have a real choice at that stage.
In the meantime he might like a Smallpeice Trust engineering course in the holidays?

mummytime Thu 13-Jun-13 14:27:35

Well personally the new 14-18 school sounds like something to keep an eye on and investigate, especially if your DS still feels the same next year. However he may just be having a blip.
You coud also ask both the school and search yourself for enrichment options (such as Maths summer schools or events at a local Uni or the Institute of Physics events).

happyyonisleepyyoni Thu 13-Jun-13 13:38:56

He is interested in science and engineering, and wants to go to Cambridge (ulp). I am not sure how realistic the last is, but nothing wrong in aiming high.

There is a new 14-18 school specialising in science and engineering just opened nearby which is a possibility for year 10 onwards. However as it is brand new, have no info on teaching quality or accommodation yet. It seems very unlikely that we would get him a place at a better state school at this stage.

hotsummer Thu 13-Jun-13 13:29:24

i agree with 'mummytime' my DD found Y8 (especially the end of it) a real low point, but glad to say joined Y9 with a renewed enthusiasm smile

mummytime Thu 13-Jun-13 12:33:18

What is he interested in? What are his ambitions?

Look around is there another school which would suit him better? There are also 14-18 schools in some areas, might her be interested in what they offer.

Year 8 is a low point for motivation for a lot of students, there isn't the newness of year 7, they don't get to choose options and think about the future like year 9, or do exams like years 10 and 11.

Also could he be depressed? Or could it be hormonal?
What interests does he have?

happyyonisleepyyoni Thu 13-Jun-13 12:15:46

Thanks, I have spoken with his form teacher who has referred it to the Head of Year and set up the appointment with the welfare officer.

I am not sure what to expect from this or what I as a parent can do to help as well.

blossominthegarden Thu 13-Jun-13 12:12:53

HI, I don't know much about senior schools, apart from my own experience in one and my niece and nephew's experience. However, I think that it would be best to speak to his form tutor/head of year about this. He is obviously bored as well as demotivated and needs more to do.
Good luck

happyyonisleepyyoni Thu 13-Jun-13 12:05:18

My DS is in year 8 and depressed/demotivated by school.

He has only in the last week or so opened up about what is bothering him.

He feels school is a waste of time as there is a lot of repetition, some teachers are not able to control the class and other kids are messing about, other times he finishes the set work well ahead of time and is not given extension work to do.

He is in the top set, got all 5s in his KS2 SATs, and is very articulate and mature for his age.

He is at a state school which was rated outstanding by OFSTED but recently was downgraded to good. General opinion among parents is that it has been resting on its laurels in recent years.

I am really worried that the school is failing him. What can I do to help? He is going to see the school welfare officer today.

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