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dizzydo Mon 29-May-06 09:06:44

My dd (13) is revising this week for end of year exams and I just wondered if anyone had tried and tested (or not) tips to help with this. She is being very organised, has made herself a timetable of two hours a day, I have bought some Key Stage 3 revision booklets to help and we know about the revision tips on BBC website but just wondered whether there were some more suggestions out there to make it a bit more fun and/or effective.


sassy Mon 29-May-06 09:22:00

2o min stints are most effective for recall - do 20-30 mins of concerted, focused stuff, then have a 10 min break. Build revsion timetable around these stints.

Decanting large amounts of info into shorter, key pieces (Flashcards/mind maps)helps.

Use lots of colours (finally, a use for gel pens!)

Experiment to find way you hold inf best - some people find pictures easier to recall (so mind map types good), some find words spoken aloud etc. For me, movement is important so I used to walk around my room muttering facts to myself - looked like a loon but it worked.

And don't let dd get too stressed abou it - she is year 8 FGS. Its nice to do well in these exams and good that she wants to, but they don't REALLY matter that much.

(Am sec teacher, BTW.)

dizzydo Mon 29-May-06 09:41:21

Thanks Sassy some great ideas there. TBH I am not really the one stressing DD out,she is doing it on her own. . I agree with you really. However, given that she is so keen to do well I wanted to make sure her efforts were as effective as possible.

Lilymaid Mon 29-May-06 11:31:32

Probably not so relevant for Year 8s but for public exams you must do loads of practice papers - particularly for Maths, science, languages.
If you want to understand something, try to explain it to someone else.

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