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Well our little year 7's are coming to the end of their 1st year at "big big "school..!! How has it been for everyone ..and have you noticed any "big"changes in them ??

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bizzey Mon 10-Jun-13 19:43:28

That's it really ..I am nosey curious if anyones child has had a big metamorphis in to a ...well I don't know what ....grin

The only difference I have found in my (pfb) ds1 is...

He is now taller than me

His feet are 2 sizes bigger than Sept

He has spots

He has worked hard all year ,not got into trouble and was late once (properlY) due to road accident (the other time he was late was day 4 and he forgot to get off the bus and ended up 10 miles the wrong way !!!)

Any one else with their stories ??

bizzey Mon 10-Jun-13 19:47:25

Mind you I should say he still does not understand this concept of "work due in in 2 weeks " MEANS 2 weeks work should be done on it ....not 2 weeks later it the night before !! grin

pointythings Mon 10-Jun-13 20:37:00

DD1 is in the same boat. She is about 3 inches taller than this time last year, has enormous feet and is turning into a teenager. No spots, but she has a very good skincare routine because she's always suffered with eczema.

She's not a last minute merchant, but she needs to work on her revision skills - she's very bright, but (like me) tends towards the lazy because she knows it. We had a showdown today about a maths test that wasn't up to par, I expect it will be the first of many. Sigh.

Hoolit Mon 10-Jun-13 20:55:17

Ds1 seems so grown up! He's suddenly mid year started getting up miles early to shower, has a skin care regime to rival mine and lifts weights every night!
Apparently doing really well in school and all homework in but although I'm always asking I have never really seen him do any for the last few months !

prettydaisies Mon 10-Jun-13 21:23:47

DD has also grown taller and has spots! However she still expects a story and isn't adverse to coming into my bed for a cuddle in the morning.
She works hard and does well at school, but her school has just gone into special measures which is rather worrying. /emo/te/9.gif

MrsShrek3 Mon 10-Jun-13 21:29:44

ds1 has got organised and a bit of independence. Doesn't seem five minutes since we were all on a thread panicking about what we'd need, PE kits, shoes and the like, my goodness where has it gone? The huge plus point Is that ds1 has settled in, he did a huge (asd supported) transition and even then we wondered.... but it has been the best thing ever for him and he wishes he could have gone there sooner confused grin. That said, still homework issues, but getting there. Warned him he won't be quite so well looked after in yr 8 and will have to do another bit more for himself, but he seems to be up for it smile Good to hear that so many have had a good year.

anniesw Mon 10-Jun-13 21:48:34

I agree - secondary school has been a wonderful experience - broadened horizons and lots of opportunity to grow and to flourish. At least that is my DD's experience in a lovely nurturing (local state) school. To any Y5 or Y6 parents who may stop by this thread, secondary school is not the scary move to big school hat parents think it will be. Your children will enjoy it and thrive

dietstartsmonday Mon 10-Jun-13 21:52:56

Just me that not had it so good then. DD gone from being hard working and fab at school to being on report currently. I don't understand it to be honest

bizzey Mon 10-Jun-13 21:58:56

I remember the thread we had in September last year ...I wonder how the twins got on ...sorry cant remember the mums name ..but still remember her ? (boy twins...bit at sorts with each other ?)

Gazzlow(sp) how is your boy getting on ...are you happy with the school ??

It has gone quick ...and I am back to doing more applications this September !!! grin

Ilovemyrabbits Mon 10-Jun-13 22:07:56

Dd has been all about the work since she got to secondary school. She hasn't done as much socially as I'd expected her to, but she has made a great start academically.
She's had a few challenges....blackheads, oily skin, lank hair, the battle of the bra (she didn't want one I wanted her to have one....she gave in on her last residential trip in the face of being the odd one out) and braces, well blocks really, but she's even coped with these really week.

I don't say it often enough but I'm a bit proud of how she's handled herself, tho I'd be a bit more settled if she was a teensy bit more sociable. It is still early days though.

Ilovemyrabbits Mon 10-Jun-13 22:12:14

Really week? Meant really well. Blardy iPad must have corrected me. Grrr.

Forgot to say I am amazed at how much more fashion conscious she is. And how much she's started to stand up for herself in shops, for example, where she will happily argue the toss about whether this item should be priced the same as another item in the shop that's identical (shopping with friends she even took on the store manger and won when there was a dispute over price tags). I don't think anyone will pull the wool over dd's eyes where money is concerned, lol.

bizzey Mon 10-Jun-13 22:35:16

diets sad Hope things can get sorted for yr8 ?

Madmog Tue 11-Jun-13 11:21:05

I had thought my daughter's blazer would last two years as it flapped about in front of her at the beginning of the year, but she needs another.

My daughter spends ages doing her homework (about 10/12 hours a week), which is providing worth it as she's getting really goods marks.

She did get detention (much to my shock) for drawing on someone's collar. She was also punished by us for this, but I didn't realize at the time there were a lot of friendship problems so wonder whether it was her way of getting them to leave her alone as she later said she was fed up of having to prove herself. Many of the other girls have since followed on with their own friendship issues, so it's not just her. She still has her two lovely main friends from primary though and they spend all their time with another girl my daughter met there. Lucky for me, none of them are particularly fashion conscious (at the moment!).

My daughter doesn't join in with lessons verbally, this has always been the case. She will go and find tutors to ask them things though, which she I wouldn't expect, so her confidence is improving.

She has end of year targets for all subjects, she hit two of them early on. It will be interesting to see next month if she reaches them.

Erebus Tue 11-Jun-13 14:50:22

I'm not sure DS2 has noticed, tbh! grin. He toddles along in his own sweet way, no issues, really, seemingly happily enough.

Whilst I am of the impression that he's quite 'average' academically, I was taken aback when I (accidentally!- I didn't seek it out!) compared his March Y7 school report with that of his now Y9 DB whom I consider to be more switched on, and found DS2 to be between a sublevel and a whole level ahead of where DS1 was at the same time! Not reading too much into it, mind, but pleased DS2 has made a solid academic start. He's made a couple of new friends but is more of a group (not 'gang') participant and doesn't have a best friend (nor does DS1) as such, but he seems happy enough with the arrangement.

I think the DC are well -prepared for secondary, and it helps that here, 58 out of 60 DC in the primary go on to this school, there are only 6 feeders (though an intake of 270!) and DS2 spend 3 years at the primary so made some mates. DS1 was only there for Y6 and I think this hampered his friendships a bit.

breward Tue 11-Jun-13 18:04:36

No spots, no bras, no major growth spurt, same school shoes since Sept ... is it all going to happen for us in Yr 8?!!

DD is the oldest in her year being a September birthday, but she is just the same as she was last year, and the year before. Can't believe she's going to be a teenager soon!

She has loved Yr 7. Just got on with all the homework and thrived. She did, however, discover the sweet shop on the way to school back in November and spent £22 in 3 weeks on sweets (which she shared with her friends...I'm sure she became very popular!) That has been the most eventful episode of the year.

Now DS is off to big school in Sept. I'm sure that could be a very different experience as he is so disorganised and scatty... will he arrive on the first day?

gazzalw Wed 12-Jun-13 07:39:10

Hi Everyone and thanks for remembering me, Bizzey!

DS is doing okay but his attitude to hard work is a bit hmm still. I actually think he's having trouble to adapting to the high level of competition and rather than stepping up to the mark he currently seems to just be going with the "I'm not clever" approach. He coasted all the way thro' primary school and still doing it. I think getting his competitive mojo back will be a work in progress.

The school is very good but it's strange making that transition, as a parent, from having a lot of involvement and communication, to it essentially being a "needs must" basis.

DS hasn't had a growth spurt at all - I'm not sure he's grown more than an inch since he had his uniform fitted. His blazer which is designed to last the three years he has to wear that one is still long of sleeve and body. School shoes and gym shoes still fit. A bit spotty around the nose but nothing significant.

Travel to school no problem at all. Friendship groups seem to be being established although the boys tend to communicate via the internet from the comfort of their bedrooms.....

Oh and everything is preceded by "that's what teenagers do!" as if we've never been thro' it ourselves...

Good that most of your DCs are having very positive experiences... hopefully it will allay the fears of those whose DCs are about to step into the breach...

Areyoumadorisitme Wed 12-Jun-13 07:50:58

dietstartssmonday - no, not just you hmm

DS has struggled with bullying which has eventually been sorted after several contacts with school and us asking for him to be moved. He hasn't been moved but the main issues have been dealt with. He still isn't happy at school but at least hasn't cried for a month or two now.

He got put in a class with people he didn't like from primary and he's only made one good friend. Sadly this friend leaves the school this week.

He hasn't had a growth spirt at all,and his yr4 brother is catching up with him. To be fair DS1 isn't short but a bit below average, DH is 6'3" though so hopefully that spirt will come. Definite showers and doing hair every morning though, lots of hairspray being used!!

Academically he's doing well thankfully.

It's certainly not been the start I'd have hoped for.

sandyballs Wed 12-Jun-13 07:51:36

Same here Diet, I have two DDs coming to the end of year 7. One of them has wracked up loads of detentions for silly behaviour and has been on report. The last couple of weeks have been a bit better, she's struggled socially a bit, I haven't met any new friends and I think this behaviour is her attempt to fit in and impress. Academically she's coasting and doesn't seem that bothered. At primary she was keen and engaged and considered to be very bright. Plus side is that she loves the school and is doing every sport going and doing well at most of them. She's grown loads this year, she's 5ft 7 with size 8 feet!! Very skinny, no sign of puberty as yet.

Her sister is doing very well, socially and academically. Loves school and is keen to do her best. She'd be horrified to get even one detention. Very conscientious and self motivated with homework. A year ago I would never have believed this would be the case. Physically she's changed hugely, very tall and curvy, turning into a lady grin.

Another big change since starting secondsry is the amount of sleep they seem to need, neither of them emerge much before 10 at weekends, if not later. And the amount they eat, although that could be to do with all the sport.

SoMuchToBits Wed 12-Jun-13 08:14:19

It has been a big change for ds, as he has moved from a state primary school where he walked/cycled to school and all his friends lived locally to an independent secondary school where he gets the bus, and many of his friends live in other towns/villages. He didn't know anyone at his new school when he started.

But he has really thrived and is very happy. smile He seems to be doing well academically and gets his homework done on time (although I always check what he has to do, as he isn't the most organised person). He has grown a little bit, but not hugely, and he has showers but isn't into hair products/fashion etc, he is a bit geeky!

He has made some really lovely friends. He struggled a bit with friends at primary school, he had one or two, but I would say he has found it easier to make friends at his new school.

As well as academic work, he has launched himself into everything else the school has to offer, and has enjoyed playing loads of cricket this term (which he loves) and playing in lots of music groups. He plays percussion and is now in the percussion ensemble, the concert band, the "Just Jazz" group, and has played for one term in the school orchestra, and just joined the Swing Band, as their drummer is in the 6th form and leaving at the end of term.

He seems a lot more independent than he was at primary school, and seems to have grown in confidence, especially with friends his own age. I'm really happy to see how this year has turned out. smile

xylem8 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:04:51

Organisation! At primary school she was all over the place and would cry and fuss aboput doing homework.Now she is little Miss Organised and does everything as soon as possible rather than as late as possible.

Blu Thu 13-Jun-13 09:18:01

DS settled into secondary very well. His was a small primary and he has made the most of all the new experiences open to him, the huge extra-curricular offer keeps him busy, he has settled in socially.

The transition was made easy because the comp is v local and many of his best primary friends have gone to the same school - though are not in the same class. His primary friends are still his closest friends, and in some ways I wish he had made more close new friends. But at least he has been able to to make those friendships slowly rather than grabbing the first person to talk to.

He's been challenged on some subjects and has excelled in a subject that his primary were a bit non-committal about. He's doing well amongst the top sets and this has boosted his confidence no end.

Still a titch, and he's a later July baby so young in his year - very few terrible teens symptoms yet....... watch this space.

Primary seems an age ago. Totally different lifestyle.

Ilovemyrabbits Thu 13-Jun-13 10:57:57

It's the social side that's shocked me with dd. At primary school we were like an open house, but since starting secondary school, she's had nobody back! She reckons she gets on well with everyone and has lots of friends at school but I don't see anything at home at all. Even her mobile usage has dropped right off the scale. I used to get pages of statement for her usage, but now it's down a to a couple of sides of paper. Very perplexing. It's almost like she's stepped back and is sussing out her place in this new world.

bigTillyMint Thu 13-Jun-13 13:45:34

Yes - DS is about 6" taller, his feet 4 sizes bigger (size 9FGS!), he has a few spots and he grunts more.

As for educationally, no change on the least effort front, although his grades have improved a lotconfused

minesawine Thu 13-Jun-13 15:20:47

Some may remember the high levels of anxiety my DS suffered during his first three weeks of Year 7 and how the transition was so difficult for him. The school were great and really tried to help him settle down. He is now a confident and outgoing boy in top sets for everything, and loves being at school.

What I am disappointed with is that I thought he would have a best friend or a small group of close mates, but like Ilovemyrabbits I am disappointed that he has friends but not a special group that he hangs out with a lot. He never has kids back to hang out. From having a really active social life in primary, he now seems to live in his bedroom on his Playstation. It worries me that he is not very popular, although he seems reasonably happy.

He has not grown much, although many of his primary friends have and he is now the small one of the group. He is definately the stroppy (pre) teenager at home with me, but is always so charming with everyone else.

He has hair spouting everywhere and gets very smelly, but is obsessed with hygene and showers a lot.

He still loves a cuddle with his old mum, but not if anyone is looking grin

Dededum Thu 13-Jun-13 16:58:16

DS1 has made two new good friends, has taken up kick boxing and is tarting to show interest in academics. It has been a struggle with bullies but Zi can see my little man growing in confidence. He needs a growth spurt though!

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