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Good Schools in East Herts & Essex

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LynneW Wed 24-May-06 13:40:46

Can anyone recommend good areas for secondary schools in East Herts & Essex which aren't selective. We're moving out of London with three kids for bigger house & garden but also hoping for a good state school which isn't a lottery to get into and isn't selective. Any ideas?

Philly Sat 27-May-06 11:25:26

I am no expert but i think that there is meant to be a very good school in SAffron walden which is non selective and has a very good name.

Lilymaid Sat 27-May-06 19:19:12

Saffron Walden County High? You must live within catchment. Newport Free Grammar (actually a comprehensive) also believed to be good but again you need to be in the catchment. Some Bishops Stortford Schools are also good.

popmum Sat 27-May-06 20:09:41

broxbourne school is supposed to be good. as far as i know just based on distance for entramce (well am hoping!)

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